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5 Little Known Tools For Finding The Best Domains

If you’re starting or designing a website, you’ll need a domain before you’ll get anywhere. However, even if you’re just starting a new business at the moment, you may still want to give thought to finding a domain.

Having your Tools For Finding The Best Domains and company share the same name can be very helpful down the road. For example, when you start your company you want to also think about the brand you are trying to create. If your company name is “XYZ Tools”, think of how easy it will be to tell your customers to purchase your products on “”. Would you rather send them on a wild goose chase looking for your company website, rather than just telling them yourself?

If you don’t want to just make your domain name your company name, or you want to spice it up a bit and be more creative, we have some options for you. Keep reading for some little known tools that will help you pick the domain name that’s right for you.


This service will point you to literally millions of DNS listings for expired or unused domains. It allows you to search by either prefix or suffix and organize the results by popularity, readability and length. They also advanced options that promise to make the results even more helpful.


Let’s say you know what you want your domain name to be about, but you can’t think of what it should actually be or you think all the good ones are taken. That’s where NameBoy comes in. The website allows users to enter a primary and secondary word. The site’s engine then works to create variations based on the word’s sound and/or meaning. You end up with options that all take your word choice into consideration.


Namestation works in much the same way. You just enter the keywords you want to use and then combine prefixed and suffixes. The website even allows you to set minimum and maximum word count you’ll accept, to further help customize the result. Furthermore, you can combine your keywords with countless wordlists to make sure you end up with a Tools For Finding The Best Domains name that search engines will love.


If you have a good idea for a domain name, but it’s taken or for whatever reason unusable, try 123Finder. The site will actually give you three alternative names. It also has an incredibly easy to use interface.


The website Wordroid promises some interesting options for a service unlike any other. You can decide whether Wordrourd’s will  allowed to make up words and, if so, whether or not the words will sound real or hardly natural at all.

It’s always recommended that your domain name involve the actual name of your company, though there are exceptions of course. At the very least, you want to make sure your domain tells people what your company is about—what products it sells or services it provides. If it’s between that and a really cool name, always choose the former.

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