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(Last Updated On: May 4, 2018)

Online web builders enable developing / designing of the websites. If the person doesn’t have the knowledge of coding language than he will easily create his own website. You can create the website just by drag and drop of objects as you want. Online builders provide the mobile friendly websites, e-commerce, blog website, one page websites and many more. These also have tutorials for the newbies.  Many online builders provide the hosting domains packages as well. Some of the best online builders are given below. It would be hard to say which are the Best Online Web Builders. However, I have tried to compile some of these for you.

Square space:
Best Web Builder

Description: Squarespace is one of the best online web builder. Use to create a Blog or portfolio site and it is an alternative of Word Press sites. You can create and customize your own website without programming language or finding third party templates. You can easily use widgets, columns and plug-ins around than you find in other services. Sure, it stands out amongst the best online web builders.
Founded: 2004
Pricing; Monthly based prices on 1-year contracts; Domain name included.
Standard: $8
Unlimited: $16
Business: $24


Best Web Builder

 Description: Websites for grown-ups, no technical skills required: that’s Weebly’s promise. Weebly got the name in the 50 best websites of the year in 2007. A simple drag and drop is all it takes to add text, images or forms to your Weebly website.Over 6 million people and small businesses have joined Weebly to build their online presence. But Weebly has the expensive domain name and you have to purchase the separate email account. Definitely, it has a place in best online web builders.
Founded: 2007
Pricing; Monthly based prices on 1-year contract. Domain can be added for $39.99 (yearly)
Starter: $4
Pro: $8
Business: $25


Best Web Builder

 Description: Jimdo promises on its homepage that it makes it “super easy” to build a great website without knowing the code.  Jimdo aims to remove all barriers to enable you to create your own professional website.Excellent support for accessibility, but this is a more advanced area, it will help you with SEO. Jimdo offers multiple layouts including HTML, CSS and images for full-featured editing. Templates look good but could use a bit more flexibility. Advanced users can create customized templates using HTML and CSS.
Founded: 2007
Pricing; Price per month for 1-year contracts; Domain name and email account(s) included.
Pro: $7.50 (£5)
Business: $20 (£15)

Yola:Best Web Builder

Description: Yola does precisely that with a platform that’s made to feel comfortably intuitive right at the start. Yola provides; easy-to-master product from signup to publishing.  It is easy to create a professional website without advertisements.  With Site Creation Wizard you can create your website in 30 minutes in three steps. Advanced users can easily edit images online, as well as add HTML, site wide CSS, and JavaScript. Yola helps you build a website that doesn’t bombard your site visitors with third-party advertisements. Yola Free and Bronze feature a pretty visible Yola ad in the footer. While compiling this list of Best Online Web Builders, I could not leave it out.
Founded: 2007
Pricing: Monthly base prices for 1-year contracts. Domain included in selected packages.
Bronze: $4.17
Silver: $8.25
Gold: $16.67


Best Web BuilderDescription: “the best tool for creating multilingual websites” is the promises of Edicy. They are providing their support and design in 19 different languages. All designs are mobile friendly.  Since September 2012, they’ve introduced several new features including: new themes, better developer support, and new tagging feature for their blogs, site editor and ownership roles. Meanwhile, knowledgeable developers can integrate code to basic templates, making Edicy an attractive option. A few cons of the Edicy are: the page that was given to put your information on was actually kind of small and did not have much space to put information. Another con was the “free templates” were very limited to about 10.
Founded: 2007
Pricing: Monthly base prices for 1-year contracts. Domain included in selected packages.
Standard: $8
Plus: $13


Best Web BuilderDescription: one of the most popular website builders, their visually stunning designs are indeed impressive and look incredibly professional. Tutorials take users by the hand to support them well in getting to know the functions. They modify their website builder functionality to create HTML5 / JavaScript websites, from drag and drop tools. Hundreds of fully customizable HTML5 templates are available in every category. Just select your template and create something totally original. There is a con of WIX, you should be very careful while selecting the template, once you had selected the template then it will not change easily.
Founded: 2006
Pricing: Monthly base prices for 1-year contracts. Domain included in selected packages.
Connect Domain: $4.08
Combo: $8.25
Unlimited: $12.42
Ecommerce: $16.17


Best Web BuilderDescription: Webnode is use to create the professional websites in easy and quick way. More than 15 million websites created. Their core competency is clearly languages; they support more than 20 languages. Their templates are ideal solutions for personal, business and e-commerce websites; these are fully optimized for mobile devices. Webnode don’t place any advertising on site. All templates come with original, latest designs and professionally structured content.
Founded: 2008
Pricing: Monthly base prices for 1-year contracts. Domain included in selected packages.
Mini: $2.95
Standard: $9.95
Pro: $24.95


Best Web Builder

Description: In mid-2012 Web launched a completely new version of their product called Site Builder 3. Most notably they have introduced a range of new and very modern designs; hundreds of templates are available with a ton of unique features. They are the leading website builder with more than 50 million sites already built. You will find helpful feature is that they includes redo and undo buttons. These work as a handy safety measure. A powerful SEO tool designed help you easily optimize content so search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing can deliver more of the right people directly to client website.
Founded: 2001
Pricing: Monthly base prices for 1-year contracts. Domain included in selected packages.
Starter: $4.17
Enhanced: $8.33
Pro: $20.82


Best Web BuilderDescription: Homestead is one of the oldest online webs Builder which was founded in 1996. They claim a whopping 12 million users and make Intuit one of the biggest website host. The platform has also received numerous positive press reactions. This alone is enough to make our desired website. Homestead tries to help; just select template with images and industry specific text. They also have library of 250,000 images. SEO services are also provided by them. Add forms to your website to collect the contact information from visitors and then convert them to customers by sending promotional emails and newsletters. Get your own personalized domain name and email address. Make changes to your site anytime.
Founded: 1996
Pricing: Monthly base prices for 1-year contracts. Domain included in selected packages.
Starter: $4.99
Business: $19.99
Business Plus: $59.99


Best Web BuilderDescription: GoDaddy has done a complete redesign. The version 7 is an attempt to address those issues. V7 is a big improvement and a firm steps in the right direction. The beautiful thing is that GoDaddy allows users to have all their internet needs met right in the same place. The design process is very simple, only three step procedure. First, you can choose from over 800+ professional templates. Then customize them to make the site yours. The site itself provides users a gallery of over 20,000 free images to choose from. You can even integrate your new site with PayPal and a shopping cart to start actually selling things. They have the 24/7 support system.
Founded: 1997
Pricing: Monthly base prices for 1-year contracts. Domain included in selected packages.
Personal: $1.00
Business: $4.99
Business Plus: $9.99


Best Web BuilderDescription: moonfruit is the UK-based company, which promises users full creative control of their website’s design. They had recently launched HTML5 website builder, it took the replace of the old Flash-builder. Tutorial videos help to newbie to create their own website. The WYSIWYG drag-and-drop editor is quite possibly the best in the industry.Over 60 templates are available. Its actual layout of the builder itself is quite stylish, resembles to the Mac OS interface. This makes it very simple to build a site based on Flash. The professional hosting and free advertising credits are also nice features.
Founded: 2000
Pricing: Monthly base prices for 1-year contracts. Domain included in selected packages.
Standard: $3.00
Plus: $6.00
MAX: $10

IM Creator:

Best Web BuilderDescription: IM Creator is a drag n’ drop website creator with cutting edge templates. You can easily create your websites without facing any trouble, with easy access and pleasant experience. You can create your own site under subdomain; totally free. It will make your website responsive; you can see it on mobile phones and tablets. IMCreator will make your favorite’s list. SEO, analytics and email accounts included. But there are some CONS of it, like there is not “Undo” option, once you has created anything, you will be bounded with it. If you know the coding language, you will be unable to manage with your site, with your own CSS code.
Founded: 2011
Pricing: Monthly base prices for 1-year contracts. Domain included in selected packages.
$9.95 per months (Discounts for yearly payments)


Best Web BuilderDescription: 1&1 is a large corporate company which was launched in 1998.  In the first quarter of 2012 they boasted earnings of $576 million, through which $185 million was invested into their advertising budget. They have led to around 500,000 paying subscribers so far.  They cover more than 200 industries and offer around 140 different layouts. An interesting detail is that 1&1 was partnered with its competitor Jimdo until 2010. These two website builders look quite similar.  1&1’s website builder is actually just an earlier version of Jimdo
Founded: 1988
Pricing: Monthly base prices for 1-year contracts. Domain included in selected packages.
Lite: $0.99 ($6.99)
Basic: $0.99 ($9.99)
Plus: $4.99 ($19.99)
Premium: $9.99 ($29.99)


Best Web BuilderDescription: Recently SnapPages rolled out version 2.0 of their website builder, SnapPages leaves a good first impression. SnapPages has a strong design focus. The design is pleasing to the eye and version 2.0 brings with it a numerous number of modern improvements. The mobile options, page preview and dumping of Flash are the most noteworthy. Furthermore it offers a simple blog and many interesting widgets. The app concept has proven itself on mobile devices, when applied to building a website than it’s come up with short.  The 14-day trial doesn’t require a credit card is the good option to test it.
Founded: 2008
Pricing: Monthly base prices for 1-year contracts. Domain included in selected packages.
Free plan; they are providing free plan for 14 days without asking of credit card.
Paid plans from $8


Best Web BuilderDescription: Duda is a unique website builder that was created to offer small businesses and web professionals in a way to optimize their websites for mobile devices, at an affordable way to rapidly create a fully responsive website. However, this website builder is not just for mobile sites but for standard websites too. Duda is the first site creation platform company to offer this targeting tool to anyone interested in creating a responsive website.
DudaPro: is a professional site builder that allows anyone to create a responsive or mobile only website. DudaPro helps businesses create a site that is perfect for them and saves their valuable time.
Duda isite: Duda inSite allows users to create dynamic content based on customer behavior.  Delivering personalized content to site visitors helps keep customers happy and in return, new customers and increases conversion.
Founded: 2009
Pricing: Monthly base prices for 1-year contracts. Domain included in selected packages.
BUSINESS: $7.50/mo
BUSINESS Plus: $14.25/mo

350 Pages:

Best Web BuilderDescription: ZyNet started on the development of the next generation website builder In 2006, called 350pages; it has been designed and is being developed as a multipurpose page builder to enable users to create their own website. Also create posters for print and images for use in power point.  If you prefer customize one of the many professionally designed templates. 350pages is unique with its customizable graphics for headings, navigation buttons, logos, dividers, rotating text and etc. 350pages includes a comprehensive photo editor and a photo up loader that compresses files upon upload. It’s quick, simple, fun to use and you get a stunning and professional website in minutes. Products can be sold online using the e-commerce facilities. And, of course, the hosted web space is also included.
Founded: 1988
Pricing: Monthly base prices for 1-year contracts. Domain included in selected packages.
Lite: $4.49
Standard: $8.99
Premium: $16.99
Platinum: $33.99

Google Sites:

Best Web BuilderDescription: Google Sites started out as Jot Spot; sole product of a software company that offered enterprise social software. When Google originally entered the social network category, they launched Google Buzz, which is free social network and very powerful but often overwhelming. When Google launched Gmail, they redefined emails of clients by introducing search that worked and unlimited storage. This same blend of free and engineering is seen in Google Sites. Google Site’s strength is its ability to easily integrate all other Google products and user accounts into your website. Google Sites makes creating and sharing a group website easy. You can get more from Google Sites with Google Apps Premier Edition; with 10 GB of Google Sites storage and plus 500 MB for each Premier Edition user account.
Founded: 2007
Pricing: Monthly base prices for 1-year contracts.
Google Apps: $5
Google Apps with unlimited storage and Vault: $10

Website builder:

Best Web BuilderDescription: is most effective website building platform in the marketplace.  No coding requires, you just drag and drop your objects. Just select from a huge selection of design templates. Building your professional website has never been easier; the intuitive editor provides a large working space with a diverse range of features and functions.  Access the ecommerce features and begin selling your products and services online instantly. Automatically all websites are mobile friendly, through which your visitors can view your site on their smartphone or tablet.
Pricing: Monthly base prices for 1-year contracts.
Personal: $5.99 / month
Pro: $9.95 / month
Premium: $15.95 / month


Best Web BuilderDescription: uCoz is the one of the most powerful website builders in the world and #1 in Eastern Europe. Whatever you want to build; a forum, a personal or business website or e-shop, anything is possible with its numerous features. You can create your own template so all of the pages of your site match each other in graphic elements, color and text. It offers customization along with a FTP access, visual editor, and template builder; full HTML5/CSS3 compatibility, free website domain attachment and unlimited bandwidth. Security is high with the uID user management system.  The control panel will give you the flexibility to create a website that is tailor made for your needs. There is also hidden stat counter helps to keep an eye on the traffic to your website.
Founded: 2005
Pricing: Monthly base prices for 1-year contracts.
Paid plans from $3.09


Best Web BuilderDescription: Shopify is a leading online shop builder which is currently powering over 100,000 online shops.  If you are starting a new online business or just bringing an existing business to the online world; Shopify is definitely a builder to create your online shop. There are over 100 professionally designed themes to choose from and each of these may be customized to your liking. If you prefer to hire a staff designer to actually build it for you than it will charge the extra cost. There are numerous features and applications which can really take away all of the headaches normally associated with using technology; even the basic offering is quite powerful with the ability to accept process payments, credit cards and even have a mobile version of your site. They are also offering hosting. This comes with an unlimited amount of bandwidth and an impressive 99.94% up-time record.  Your new site supports SEO best practices and has the ability to create coupon and discount codes.
Founded: 2004
Pricing: Monthly base prices for 1-year contracts.
Paid plans from $14

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