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Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

With the whole world Tweeting and Facebooking their blog posts, it’s hard to make sure yours is getting noticed. To help ensure you are getting the audience’s attention try going down the path less traveled. Choose a site that is popular, but not the hottest kid in school. Try Empire Avenue, Tumblr, Quora and niche specific social media sites to post your content. Lots of people use these sites, but you’ll have a better chance at being noticed and not lost in the sea of other posts.

Twitter and Facebook are two really great resources, don’t get me wrong! It’s just as important to use those as it is to be active on others as well. Don’t put all of your eggs in your Twitter basket. One great way to use Twitter and stand out is to hold a Twitter chat around a specific topic. Create a hashtag and invite people to participate in a conversation with it.


Promote yourself!
When you are on those sites be sure to promote your posts the most creative ways you can. This includes pictures, videos and sounds. With more and more people using videos now, try to create a short clip of a preview for your post. You can use Vine or Instagram video to highlight some important aspects of your post. Create a slide show with the main topics and put it to Pinterest or YouTube! Make sure the cover is eye catching enough to be noticed. One creative example is Vista College, who uses student submission videos to fuel their YouTube channel mixed in with their own promotional material.

Infographics and other visual aids are key in gaining attention. If you create an infographic, make sure to pitch it to other sites and blogs as well! This way, more people can see it and click their way back to your page. Take 12 Palms Rehab Treatment Center for example.  While not the most “viral” company, they’ve managed to create infographics on a relatively frequent basis, and therefore get exposure through news sources like Business Insider.

Have you forgotten about Stumbleupon? Don’t! It’s a great way to boost traffic when you add yourself to the site.

Keep ‘em Coming
Keep people interested and get more people reading your blog by giving something away! Make a fun contest that people will want to share with others. Other similar tactics are just giving away freebies like e-books, themes and advice.

Don’t forget about the easy and traditional ways of promoting your blog as well. SEO, timely posts, back links and promotions. With SEO remember that your keywords are important! Look at your Google Analytics to see how most people are finding you, and utilize that source.  Get involved in forums and answer some questions about your industry topics to help spread some awareness about your blog. Make sure that all of your efforts are being done all the time, keep up with it once you start it and you’ll have new followers in no time.

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