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Designing Your Web Pages – Building Your Website

By: Steve Ellias – May 28, 2013

After you have purchased a domain name, the next step would be to purchase a web hosting plan or purchase a web builder that comes with web hosting.

Building the website is by far the biggest step in getting your website on the internet. There are several things you may do here such as look to hire a web designer ( like us ) or use a program that requires little or no website programming experience and build your own website. If time is not on your side, you might want to consider hiring someone to build your website using several different platforms. One is WordPress and this comes with an administration panel that allows you to make changes to your website once it is done or if you are planning on building it yourself. Another method is to use a web builder like out a builder to use a drag and drop approach and this is by far the easiest method if you want to build your website yourself. It even comes with its own hosting.

If you consider hiring us to build your website, we will take care of everything on your behalf including the hosting, building the website, and even getting your domain name and emails set-up for you. All you need to do is give us your information and we will take care of everything for you. Click here for further details.

Creating A Website Using WordPress

I recommend finding a great website builder to get your website up and running. You don’t want to spend months learning how to make a website or spends lots of money paying a web designer.

The best website builders use WordPress (which is a website building platform) to make their websites. I like WordPress because when your site is finished you don’t have to write any code or learn any technical skills, you can just log in to your website and start uploading your web pages, pictures, and videos.

Once you have settled your domain name and web host, the next step is to design the web site itself. In this article, I will assume that you will be doing this yourself. If you are hiring a web designer to do it for you, you can probably skip this step, since that person will handle it on your behalf.

Although there are many considerations in web design, as a beginner, your first step is to actually get something out onto the web. The fine-tuning can come after you’ve figured out how to get a basic web page onto your site. One way is to use a WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) web editor to do it. Such editors allow you to design your site visually, without having to muck around with the technical details. They work just like a normal wordprocessor.

There are many commercial and free web editors around. For those who don’t mind spending money on a good commercial web editor, one of the most highly-regarded WYSIWYG web editors is Dreamweaver. You may also wish to use our website builder which comes with its own hosting and all you need to do is just buy a domain name and get the builder, the system will take care of the rest and you can use the drag and drop method to build your website easily.

Our website builder information

Say hello to your customers with a beautiful website.

It’s Fast

    Over 300 templates and 8,700 images
    More than 70 pre-built websites for your industry, including text and images
    Intuitive navigation

It’s Easy

    Design Wizard – easy set up for beginners using 3 simple steps
    HTML/CSS design for advanced users
    Easy editor tool for updates or changes to images and text

It’s Mobile

    Streamlined design ensures your site looks amazing on smartphones, as well as computer screens.
    Automatic conversion creates a mobile-friendly site instantly – you don’t have to do a thing.
    Fully customize your mobile website (Deluxe and Premium plan only).

It’s Social

    Includes social feeds from Facebook®, Twitter®, YouTube®, and Flickr®
    Engage through forums or feeds from Blogger™, Tumblr, and TypePad
    Link to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace®, Delicious, and StumbleUpon®
    Add popular widgets including Yelp®, HomeFinder, OpenTable®, and MapQuest®

It’s Complete

    Includes FREE customer support 24/7/365
    Includes FREE hosting with 99.9% uptime
    Includes FREE email accounts protected by 256-bit encryption

Website design for every skill level.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we’ve got you covered. Beginners can create a beautiful website in three simple steps – no technical skills or coding required – while more experienced users can customize any of our professionally-designed templates or even edit their own HTML or CSS code for maximum control and flexibility.

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