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Online advertising yields amazing results for your business but this doesn’t mean that you need to abandon traditional advertising methods altogether and in fact, this is a bad idea because not all of your potential customers use the Internet and in some instances, traditional advertising may be more effective than online advertising.

A good way to combine traditional and online advertising is to use direct mail marketing and here is how you can do it. You can visit online list brokers to purchase mailing lists of people that suit your target customer base. Then you can use catalog software to create your brochures and get the help of a local printer to produce multiple copies of your brochures for mailing to others.

QR Codes on Your Business Cards

This is an excellent way to combine traditional and online advertising. QR codes are small barcodes that when placed on products, publications or vehicle billboards, potential customers can use their mobile phones to scan these codes and go directly to your business website to gather information or make a purchase. Business cards have always been effective in marketing and in this digital age, you can combine QR codes with the business cards by placing the QR codes on your business cards.

List Your Website Information At End of Press Release

When you mail out press releases to newspapers, magazines and local broadcast stations about your company, it would be a good idea to close the press release with information about your company’s website and then list the website address so that your recipients can go to the website to learn more about the site.

Do Interviews on College Radio Stations

Most college radio stations are non-commercial and they seek to interview interesting people who know about social isues  that will educate the listeners. Since a majority of college radio stations broadcast online, you can combine traditional and online advertising by doing interviews on college radio stations. This is especially a good idea for nonprofit organizations.

Talk to Friends and Relatives With Social Media Accounts

Here is how you can combine traditional advertising with the Internet while utilizing your friends and relatives. If you just opened a retro candy store in your neighborhood, talk to your friends and relatives about your new business and give them small bags of your candy so they can sample your products. Then if they like the candies, encourage them to post reviews about your candies on their social media pages and include links to your business website.

Local Newspapers and Craigslist

Local ads are still read by the city’s residents and if you are trying to advertise your local video game arcade to local teens, you can take out a full page color ad in the local newspaper that work well for the seniors. If you need more employees as the arcade gains more visitors, you can advertise positions in the local newspaper ads and on Craigslist’s local webpages since many local residents seek jobs on Craigslist.


If you host seminars as an expert on an important issue at different venues, why not reach millions of people and turn your regular seminars into webinars, which are just like seminars but you have someone record these seminars where your website viewers can watch the seminars as you speak to the audiences at the venues.


You need both online and traditional advertising in order to effectively promote a business or raise awareness about a cause that your nonprofit organization represents. When you use both forms of advertising you can reach a wider audience and you may be able gain customers who do not fall within your target audience, which is beneficial for increased revenue and exposure.