5 Little Known Tools For Finding The Best Domains

If you’re starting or designing a website, you’ll need a domain before you’ll get anywhere. However, even if you’re just starting a new business at the moment, you may still want to give thought to finding a domain.

Having your domain and company share the same name can be very helpful down the road. For example, when you start your company you want to also think about the brand you ...

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How The Domain Name System Works

The DNS or Domain Name System is what allows the Internet to work in general. It governs how computers, services, and so on are named either on the internet at large, or on private networks. In particular, the domain name system translates names that are easily memorized into the number based IP addresses that are easier for computers to work with overall.

Types of Servers: Authoritative Content Servers

There are some DNS servers that directly translate names like Google.com into their IP ...

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