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An Ecommerce Marketing Event: How to Supercharge Your Brand on Instagram?

When used in the correct manner, Instagram can be one of the best visual advertising and highly-targeted channels for your business. Recent studies have shown that E-commerce Marketing Event gives 25% more engagement in comparison to other social media platforms. Clearly, this shows that Instagram is the primary channel to develop your brand for e-commerce business.


Instagram To Develop E-Commerce Brand

E-commerce Marketing Event

Just like an E-commerce Marketing Event, there are wrong ways, right ways, and smart ways to use Instagram. Let’s check out the smart and common ways of employing Instagram to develop your e-commerce and brand awareness.


  • Quality Images

It is important for your images to look attractive and shareable. So, this means you need to think about what the audience wants to view. If you post attractive and high-quality images, it will not only make your content look good but also relevant. Plus, it builds engagement, and people will end up sharing it, thereby giving you more views on your profile.


  • Right Hashtags

The primary goal of using an E-commerce Marketing Event is to engage with the current audiences and increase the number of followers. Posting interesting, new and engaging photos will take care of the first requirement. What about growing your following?


Engaging With Audiences

E-commerce Marketing Event

For that, you need to hashtag your photos. By hash-tagged photos, you are making it easy for individuals to find your photos, especially while searching using specific terms. Now you need to think of the kind of specific hashtag to be used. Like Facebook, Twitter, and other interactive social media sites, you need to use specific hashtags to make it easy for reaching new users. The common hashtags are #me, #love, #follow, #tbt, #followme, #photooftheday, and the list goes on.


  • Don’t Stick To Product Pictures

For gaining Instagram likes and followers, you need to re-post the content of your fan, post infographics, add motivational quotes, add snaps of cats in fancy dress, and more. Frankly, there are lots of things you can post which are interesting as well as relevant. By sticking to the product photos, you are limiting yourself with regard to connecting and engaging with audiences on a business or customer level.


  • opt For The Right Filters

Besides the keyword hashtag, there are other things you need to pay attention to. The Instagram community often responds to particular photo filters in a more favorable manner than others. Now using such filters will have an enormous impact on your engagement. Some of the common and popular filters you can use are Valencia, X-Pro II, and Early bird.


Instagram Filters

Instagram Filters

  • Enhance Your Bio-Link

In Instagram, you can use only one link, and that is in your bio. So, try to make it count, even though it is a link to a product or a key landing page you are promoting. Furthermore, you can even use captions to get the browsers directed to your bio, where the link to the page that you want people to go for buying your latest products and services.


  • Post At The Right Time And Days

One of the targeted approaches you need to follow is to analyze what has or has not worked for you in the past. There are many tools you can use to get various reports like a detailed analysis of your brand’s posting history vs. the engagement. Plus, the report will even highlight the best time of the day and days present in a week to post.


Posting Time For Instagram

E-commerce Marketing Event

  • Being Consistent

It is important to maintain consistency regarding the feel and look you give to your pictures. You need to ensure that your fans can associate with the particular atmosphere of your brand, irrespective of whether it is edgy, dark, clean, or bright pictures. People trust and like consistency. Though it’s nice to mix things up once in a while, avoid posting anything which is too out there.


  • Steal Followers Of Your Competitors

One of the best methods to search for and attract new followers is by checking out the Instagram account of your competitors. Now don’t just peek into their Instagram activities and engagement, you need to engage with their audience. These individuals have a certain amount of interest in the products of your competitors, which is similar to what you have. So, it is a great tactic to keep a close watch on your competitors’ Instagram accounts. Now there are three major methods of engagement you can do to get the followers of your competitors. They are – comment on a snap, follow a user, and like a photo.


  • Use Instagram Ads

Now Instagram ads are indeed a powerful marketing tool, especially as now it is using a brand new algorithm feed. Instagram ads assist you to post your content to the right people. It uses Facebook’s data to prey on the right audience and even gives you the required analytic

tools to assist in your marketing strategies.

Instagram Advertisement

Instagram Advertisement


Final Thoughts

Which Instagram marketing strategy are you going to use?

Which one will give you the desired results? Whatever tactics you are going to employ, just keep in mind that each of the strategies expressed above will not bring the required traffic to your site immediately. Of course, it might take a certain time (but not a long one like years), but it is going to be worth it.

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