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eBay Listing Limits: An Update for Sellers

When it comes to selling on eBay, optimizing your listings is essential for a successful sale. By following the right steps and taking advantage of the different tools that eBay offers. You can increase traffic to your listing, make better use of pictures and descriptions, and build trust with potential buyers.


Here are some tips for maximizing your chances of success when selling online:

  • Use keywords in both the title and the item’s description. This will help attract attention from search engines as well as human visitors who are looking for related items. It’s also important to include relevant keywords throughout your auction content so that all details about the product are covered.


  • Create high-quality images that capture viewers’ attention (and their wallets!). Make sure each photo is properly captioned so that all key information is included (such as condition, size/color, etc.). Asking Buyers for Feedback after each sale can also be helpful in gauging how well you’re doing with photography overall.


  • Keep things simple by choosing an easy-to-follow format for writing your auction script. You don’t need paragraphs or excessive detail – just clear language that makes it easy to follow without straining reading skills.


  • Respond quickly to questions or comments left by customers. This shows faith in their purchase and helps keep buyer confidence high.



The changes to eBay listing limits: eBay Seller Update

eBay recently revised their listing limits, effective September 15th. The new limit for total items in a single category is 100 pages (this includes the title and all bullets/descriptions). You are still allowed to list up to 25 active auctions at any given time. If you have more than 50 auctions live. Then you will need to create a separate eBay account just for selling on eBay.

Overall, this change doesn’t affect most sellers as they generally sell fewer than 100 items per month; however, if your business specializes in large volume sales it may be important to review your listings strategy.



How this affects sellers

As a seller, you should be aware of the new eBay listing limits. If your business specializes in selling large quantities of items then it may be necessary to review your listings strategy and create separate accounts for each auction. Additionally, if you list more than 25 auctions at any given time. Then you will need to create a separate account on eBay.



Tips for Selling on eBay

To avoid any potential difficulties with the new eBay listing limits, follow these tips:

  • Review your categories and make sure you are focusing on the right ones. You can only list items in one category per account, so be sure to select the correct category for your product/service before starting to auction.
  • Use effective bullets and descriptions that will draw customers in. Keep things simple by using easy-to-read language without paragraphs or excessive detail – this makes it easy for buyers to follow without having to strain their reading skills.
  • Respond quickly to questions or comments from potential buyers. If someone has questions about your auction, be sure to reply as quickly as possible so that a potential dispute can be avoided.
  • Keep track of the bids on your items and respond to any offers made by potential buyers. Stay competitive while still upholding the integrity of your auctions – do not go too low or high in an effort to get a sale, but instead, aim for a fair price that matches the listing description.
  • Use eBay’s live messaging system when selling online in order to keep communication open with buyers and ensure they have all the information they need about your item.



In Conclusion


There are a number of reasons why optimizing your eBay listing is important. Firstly, by making sure that your photos are in the best possible condition and that you list all of the information required by buyers, you will improve your chances of winning bids. Include accurate dimensions for your item, including any additional features or accessories that may be included with it, and state the price accurately so buyers know what they’re paying for.

Additionally, make sure to properly categorize your product within one or more sections so that buyers can find what they’re looking for easily. And lastly, use keywords throughout your listing to boost its visibility in search engines and tips from experts suggest including up to 50% keyword content within a title and summary section. By taking these simple steps, you can increase the chances of selling items online – makes sure to keep everything updated on eBay just like this blog does!

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