How to find a Web Hosting Company in Canada

We have been talking a bit more about web design companies in Canada, to get to other part of the on-line presence which is web hosting. Such is the nature of online business that it’s a genuine problem nowadays locating a decent web Hosting Company. Other, here I would attempt to provide a guide on how to go about finding best web hosting company. A simplest search pattern could be:-

– While googling, go a bit deep, do not just rely upon top ones. Try to avoid such words as “ cheapest web hosting company in Canada”

When you begin further details, look for:-

web-hosting companies in Canada

How to find a Web Hosting Company in Canada



Features. These could be:-

o Shared or Dedicated Hosting: In shared hosting the server is shared by many companies like you hence to cost is low. Dedicated server is expensive. If your demands are not very high and / or if you do not understand your requirement, there are all the chances that you need shared hosting.

Space / Bandwidth. Try to define what you need, e.g. for a normal business site, you should not get impressed with 50 GB disk space and 500 GB bandwidth. Web Space and monthly bandwidth are in consequential in most cases.

o Email and Database. Another aspect, in ” How to find a Web Hosting Company in Canada”he amount of messages for every record ought to just impact you according to your needs. Don’t get over affected by ‘unlimited” when you know you needn’t bother with more than 10 regardless. Utilization of mysql will be vital in the event that you require an information base driven site or substance.

o Other Features . These could be free scripts for visitor boot, talk and web improvement and so forth. Most web hosting companies in Canada do have these in these included in hosting panel.

What sort support is being offered by web hosting company, ie email, ticketing, telephone, live chat, toll free telephone. Give an extra point for each one administration advertised. To start with, you may not need all these service. However, in long run, its better to have such service provider having all these options.

Note the reaction time to your requirements to them. Better ones should respond almost instantly. (An auto responder may not be considered as response; however, I would give marks for effort to the company using any such thing).

Call at odd hours, late night or early morning etc to see, if they respond with same speed at all times.

Price/ Cost. Its not that the one who are expensive are good nor the ones who are very cheap would be able to afford good higher costs required for better service. Better is to stay far from two extremes.

Popularity A good company would never leave out marketing efforts so must he higher in SEO and popular in masses.

o Sponsored listing show interest of company to promote themselves but not always an indication of good hosting company.

o Read reviews Though in most cases these are the ones haunting the net with their money and not always quality.

Compare and test their page speed.

Check the whois to know, if they are older company or brand new. New ones can be better than old ones. But the old saying the OLD IS GOLD may be true in most cases.

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  1. Lilly Pearce  August 9, 2014

    Nice guideline to find web hosting company in Canada. Mr.muneer almost every company just take cares about above mentioned factor in their advertisement banner. it is hard to know which hosting company is better or good, until unless you are host with them and try their services.

  2. John Martin  August 9, 2014

    Lilly your question is valid, before selecting the web hosting company you will get the idea about the hosting company performance by checking their portfolio and other completed projects as well. the testimonials or a reviews represents the functionality of the hosting company.

  3. Pecy Jackson  August 9, 2014

    Finding a hosting company is always difficult and time consuming steps.
    I had really hard time in the initial to find a reliable hosting company, but later i found some good host with which I am currently hosting my websites.

    The above guidelines are good, following those may help you to find your required website host easily for your any development project or website.

  4. Andrew M  August 20, 2014

    Finding a hosting company is tidy process, One should do proper home work before selecting any hosting company.
    Because if your business really matters and have good reputation online, then selection of a new hosting company should be according to your requirements.

    Else if you move your site to the new hosting company without basic research then you will end up in a trap and will face lots of issues, and to solve them can take days to weeks. Depends on the the type of issue you faced!

    • muneer  August 23, 2014

      I think is a good web hosting company based in Canada. They are cheap and experienced. Feature rich panel.

  5. Shirley W. Solar  September 9, 2014

    Muneer did you use “247-host” services?? tel me the details about their services

    • muneer  September 16, 2014

      I miss-used 247-host for some years, before getting on with own dedicated servers. They are ok.


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