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Four Brands with Great Mobile Marketing Approaches

No great strategy is born in a day, and mobile marketing efforts take time. Several companies have struck gold with their industry approaches. Currently, 84 percent of small businesses reportedly experience long-term benefits from simple integration. While everyone has the chance to create a killer strategy, some brand titans stick out above the rest.

Mobile marketing’s biggest benefits enable widespread product and service access. However, a few strategies have taken further steps toward full consumer integration. Social media apps, SMS campaigns, and on-location services currently dominate the digital market. Sometimes strategies succeed. They can be extremely calculated.  Check out the following four brands with excellent mobile marketing approaches.


Home Depot

Home and yard improvement holds potential for mobile-assisted services, and Home Depot has answered. Their do-it-yourself YouTube campaign has reinvented the modern instruction manual. Not promotional of a singular product or service, their web series informs consumers while achieving widespread publication. Home Depot has achieved over 43 million YouTube views, and its top 10 videos have garnered over a million views themselves. Home Depot’s mobile strategy is contingent upon the consumer’s appreciation of self-made projects. A high-standard supplier of industrial tools and materials, Home Depot’s jump to YouTube has impacted its mobile platform. Currently, YouTube is a mobile-preferred platform.

Consumers love immediate content, and Home Depot consumers, historically, have faced problems with pairing information and portability. Homeowners can’t always reach the computer, and media guides target Home Depot’s primary market segment well.



Walmart’s dedication to speed has made it an incomparable e-commerce provider. Their streamlined mobile site is accessible, and its development emphasized quick load times to maximize customer support. Resting at an astounding 2.9 seconds, the mobile platform’s site has decreased its load time from an original 7.2 seconds. Small tweaks to images, fonts, and code have reportedly boosted the Walmart mobile page’s conversions by about 2 percent per second of time reduction.



T-Mobile’s newest mobile marketing strategies have featured an “alter ego” campaign prioritizing a quick-minded audience. Brand reinvention works well for some, and it works even better when accompanying new mobile technology.

T-Mobile’s adoption of 4G speeds has helped, and their future promise of 5 to 20 Mbps speeds spearheads their marketing efforts. The brand’s mobile-placed ads are already enhancing conversion numbers, picking up the slack from recent brand shift growing pains. Currently, no other carrier can match T-Mobile’s fast speeds. A mobile marketing effort focusing on instant access and speed prioritization, T-Mobile’s mobile ad expenditures are placed well.


Red Roof Inn

Red Roof Inn, famous for its comfortable living standards and quick customer feedback, developed a Mobile Marketing strategy to promote traveler safety. The hotel chain utilized a mobile search campaign targeting stranded airport, travelers.

The travelers, scrambling between terminals, were given access to the hotel and 360i’s search campaign. A 60 percent increase in Red Roof Inn’s last-minute bookings occurred, boosting the location’s foot traffic and overspill prevention. Red Roof Inn’s innovative marketing strategy, while slightly specific, revealed mobile marketing’s sheer power within high-demand environments.

As consumers begin harnessing the smartphone’s location-based options, brand opportunities will grow. While current mobile marketing strategies are brand specific, the sheer innovation achieved is telling. Location-based services, online tutorials, and consistent contact have become incredibly popular in recent years, further promoting mobile marketing’s power within the industry. Geo-specific amenities, text campaigns, and location-based discounts all have a chance to shine—but creativity, in the end, wins awards.


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