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What Four Square Can Do for Your Business

Four Square and other such services are a great way for people to connect and have fun while they’re out. While it’s great for people to “check-in” everywhere they go, what can you do to help leverage this craze for your business? Those who use Four Square are always looking for such places to be able to check-in. Places that embrace the service and offer incentives to check in are most popular with die-hard users of the service.

Following the below advice, you can use Four Square to push sales harder, keep bringing customers back for more, and overall establish a better connection with your customers.


How Your Business Can Use Four Square Rules

Before you register and set everything up for Four Square, you should think about just how your business can use such a service, and why it would be helpful. Not all businesses will benefit from the service, but, if you’re creative with it, you’ll definitely see some returns.

Certain businesses will benefit more than others from being active on Four Square, such as Coffee Shops and retail stores. Those types of establishments can better connect with their customers and push sales on the service. It goes without saying, however, that warehouse businesses and for-trade retailers might not do so well on the service.


Bring “Techies” to Your Business

Four Square went mobile a long time ago, and, with pretty much everyone taking a smartphone everywhere these days, Four Square is more accessible than it ever has been.

“Techies”, or those with a vested interest in technology are obviously more interested in Four Square than others. With Amazon and online retailers often being so much cheaper than brick-and-mortar stores, Four Square can be a perfect way to get those people back into your stores and keep them returning. After all, if it’s cheaper to buy online, why do they need to come to your store? With Four Square, you can give techies an incentive to visit your store, time and time again.


Raise Sales

Sometimes stores have a difficult time spreading the word of a big sale. Four Square Rules can help by allowing you to offer further reductions or special offers, such as extra savings at your Amish Outlet Store. This can help get the sales you need to get rid of old stock or boost monthly earnings.

This works particularly well for coffee shops and the like. As you can give exclusive drinks or extras to regular customers. Delivering special offers to folks who check in to your store is a great way to make customers feel valued, and it makes it more likely for them to come back again.


Make Customers Feel Valued

Four Square users enjoy checking in everywhere they can, with millions of people using the service, that’s a lot of potential customers you can win over. Badges can make those who check in feel unique and valued.

Make Four Square fun for your customers. You can easily make this digital pastime a little more personal by putting up a sign with a special offer for those who check-in. It might seem trivial, but to users of Four Square, it’s a really nice touch.

Four Square is a great way to strengthen your connection with your customers as it helps to bring you closer to them. The awesome thing is it’s digital. So you can still interact with your customers on busy days when you don’t have much time.

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