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Hiring A Web Designer

Before Hiring A Web Designer/Developer – Read This

10 things to look for in a web designer and developer 

 By: Steve Ellias – May 28, 2013

There are so many things you should do before you hire a web designer, developer, SEO consultant, online marketing specialist, and any internet product or service provider.

1. Ask for references – Ask to see latest work and portfolio and examples.

2. If you wish to hire locally, check the business address and if you are not sure about their address, you can check Alexa Rating and see where most of their visitors are coming from. ( Country) This will give you a very good indication where they are from, which country, or even continent. This is also not a guarantee that they are from here. If the company purchases a local hosting from your area, they could still show local results. Call them and speak with them, ask for their name and address, and make sure they can verify their location to you.

3. Check the companies website for stats. Check the Alexa rating, page rank, links to their website ( use Alexa ) and verify that their company website is safe and secure.

4. What Happens If – Ask several questions to your potential web designer or developer about upgrades, prices, and anything else that you might need from them in the future once your site is finished. Its one thing to get your website done, its another if you have to chase them down for upgrades and modifications on your site. Cover all the bases and ask all your questions.

5. Do you wish to upgrade your website yourself? Ask them about CMS ( Content Management System ) the ability to make changes to your own website once finished. Ask them about training on the CMS. Ask them about the platform they are using to build you site.

6. Shop around – price is important, but should not be the most important thing to consider when hiring someone. You have to find someone that you are comfortable with and confident in.

7. Experience is definitely an important factor – Make sure the company you hire has the education, experience, and up-to-date skills you require for all your needs. Ask them about all their experiences and knowledge in the field you are inquiring about. Make sure they fit your needs completely and again be confident they will succeed with all your requirements.

8. Customer Service – In my opinion, the most important requirement of a web designer or developer. If they have everything except great customer service, what good will they be to deal with? You do not want to deal with a rude person or a arrogant person, or a person that talks down to you. Make sure they are polite and honest.

9. Support – You also need to find out how and when you can get in contact with them, which hours and days they work. I work 7 days a week and from 7:00 am until 9:00 pm to provide my clients with great service and support always. Please people, find a person who works with you, not against you.

10. Time – This is a flip side of not out-sourcing work. Your time is limited as a designer or developer. In my case, I work 7 days a week and sometimes almost 16 hours a day to make sure my customers are always being taken care of. Make sure you find someone who will not put your work to the side and it doe they do not take on so many jobs at the same time. Always ask your potential web designer or developer what the time frame is on the site before you agree to go with them. This is important because some people want their site done yesterday and if you want it done that quick, you are the customer, find someone who will assist you for your needs.


Having said all of the above – This shows you that we are aware of  the most important factors of hiring a web designer and developer or online marketing consultant. Canada Web Services practices all of the above and much more.

You may contact us anytime and if you wish, we will provide you with examples and customers to contact for references.  Contact Canada Web Services today for all your website needs.

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