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Hiring Web Designer In Canada And The USA

Hiring A Web Designer In Canada And The USA

July 01, 2013 – By Steve Kenneth

Too much competition and too many people are out-sourcing work outside of North America.

This posting has been long time coming as there is so many issues related to website design and development and hiring a company inside and outside of North America. This is a very hard article to write, but it should be noted that there are many issues in this field and people should be aware of exactly what is going on and I plan on telling everyone the cold hard truth. There are too many people competing for web design work and too many people that are NOT even located in this continent that are under-cutting Canadians and Americans and as a result of so many people doing this, the market is OVER-Saturated big time.


Before And Now – Advertising and Marketing My Business In Free Places

There use to be a time when us Canadians and Americans could advertise our website design and development services all over the place without getting out listing removed, flagged, or marked as spam. There use to be a time when we could rely on some classified services that could help us generate leads and potential customers. Such services are Craigslist, Kijiji, Backpage, and other free classified and directory websites. This just is not the case anymore and its getting worse each and everyday.

What happens to our listings or advertisements in these places?

When I place a clean relevant ad in the proper category, its a game of chance and it is like winning the lottery because there are so many vindictive and evil people out there that see’s our listing as a threat and they flag it as spam or complain about it until it gets removed. I always had issues flagging listings because my conscience told me it was wrong, however, this market is so flooded with so many so-called web designers that they will stop at nothing to get the next job.

People Pretending They Are A Web Design Business – Due To Hiring Out-Source People Not From Here

This is also a huge issue with this market and with other online service markets such as search engine optimization, logo design, and any other form on online work services. There are people who pretend to run a web design and development company and what they do is advertise in free places like Craigslist and Kijiji, and look for work. They then find a potential customer and when they have agreed on the price and secured the job, these so-called people out-source to others that can do the work for half the price. Having said that, these out-source people are not even in Canada or the USA because there is no way they can do this and make a living at those prices and people take advantage of this and use them to do their work. 

What Does This Do To Our Web Design Market Or Field?

This saturates the market big time and as a result, actual businesses that do not out-source get the short stick and have to work even that much harder to secure a job or contract.  Sometimes if it was not for word-of-mouth, I do not know what I would do because I get most of my work from valued customers spreading the word about me and from existing customers wanting an update or change to their website. I also get some of my customers from Google generic search results and other forms of marketing. However, I use to get lots of work from free classified sites and this has come to a halt because there are just too many people doing this and it has become too crazy to advertise or place a listing.

I then decided to create my own classified and directory websites. I created Prepky Online Business Advertising for people living in Canada and the USA. Not to my surprise, there has been so much listings and spam on my website from places out-side of North America. So many so-called SEO experts use Classified and Directory websites to promote their customers site and my classified site was no exception. I have since started to out-smart these spammers and remove them all. 


What Do People Deserve To Know About Out-Sourcing To People Out-Side Of North America?

When you out-source your work to people that are not in your time zone, this could result in many issues such as trying to get your website updated, trying to get in touch with the person who built your website, security issues with money, and lots of other issues because these people are so many hours difference then you are. How do you really secure yourself from fraud? How can you really protect yourself unless you hire someone that is registered in your COUNTRY. Please read this article on before you hire a web designer.

When you do hire a person that is located close to you, please make sure they are not out-sourcing your work to someone else because these people will charge you $$$ while the out-source person charges much less and you are paying people to do your website and they are making money from you without doing any work what so ever. You should always hire a web designer or developer that actually does the work themselves. This way you have that much more control over what is done, the price and security of your website. Forgive me if I am coming off a little strong, but you have to trust me when I say I have very good reasons to feel this way. I have went to School, did so much training and hard work to get to where I am, and I also use this as a source of income for my family. This is personal. I run a very honest business, work 7 days a week, and provide excellent customer service.

Everyone Deserves The Chance To Make Money

I honestly think that everyone deserves the chance to earn money and support their families. The issue with this is that our cost of living in Canada and USA is high compared to other countries who offer web design and development services. This creates a big problem for us and our market. If we continue to hire people from abroad, our market will hurt and we will also hurt because we cannot continue to do these types of work. This hurts us in so many ways, people do not realize how it effects the complete chain of events. If we do not get that contract or job, we will not pay taxes, we will not go to the grocery store and buy that loaf of bread, we will not be able to pay this and that.  I might be going over-board, but you have to agree a little on this..

The benefits of Hiring Outside Of North America

1. You could save money. This is only if you work directly with the out-source person, and not with a so-called web designer who does not do any work and charges you full price and then out-sources it on your behalf and you do not even know it.

Disadvantages of Hiring Outside Of North America

1. Work quality – upgrade time – customer service – modifications to site in a timely manner.

2. Security and comfortless of hiring a local business to do your website for you.You are protected by Canadian and USA laws. Consumer laws.

3. You are helping your market and economy. Keeping the money here, not going there.

4. Communication and in a easy to understand method. Availability of getting in touch with your designer or developer. On the same time zone. Ability to understand what they are saying.

A Typical Day For Me As A Website Designer And Developer

  • I check my emails first thing in the morning and always receive from 5 – 15 emails or more from people wanting me to out-source my work to them. I also receive so many darn emails from people claiming to be a SEO expert and the country of origin is always the same.  These people just do not get it and are extremely pushy. 
  • I then proceed to make any updates for my customers. 
  • Throughout the day I take phone calls from customers and a lot of potential customers fish for information and I always provide them all I can because I know that if I use my customers or potential customers good, they will come back. My percentage of customers are at a very high rate after I have spoken with them because they can tell I know what I am talking about.
  • Check my classified sites, blog article like this one, check comments and delete 100’s of comments from spam. A lot of these comments are from SEO people trying to find a place to link to for their customers. I check the ip’s where they are from, and sure enough, the same country that spams me each and everyday.
  • Check email again and send a “STOP YOUR SPAM” email out to these web designers, SEO experts, and marketing people.
  • Continue to Market and Advertise my products and services.
  • Work on my jobs I have at that moment in time and always do top priority work first.
  • I always check my emails all the time as I have it opened and I quickly can surf through spam emails and I block them and also send out a so not spam anymore email. ( they just do not get it! )
  • My day ends anywhere from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. 

Summarize This Article For Hiring Web Designers In North America

I spend way too much time deleting spam, sending email replies to people I do not want emailing me, and trying to block comments, email, and all sorts of spam. This is very time consuming and it had gotten 300% worse in the past year. This is unbelievable and I do not see a bright future for website designers or developers in Canada and the USA.

Now you can see why I am so reluctant to write this article, but need to express how I feel because it is getting so bad this business that everyone back-stabs everyone and so many people are trying to take the easy road to web design and development and I can assure you that its not that easy if you are doing it correctly. Creating a website for a customer takes a lot of skill and dedication, not to mention time.

I have faith, and I am optimistic, however  I also can see the trends and the facts. If people do not start to hire local businesses, all of us Canadian and USA website companies will continue to struggle with out-source people out-side of North America taking our work. 

If you are a North America Website Designer or SEO company, please post a comment and I will look though it and if you are a legit company with similar issues or feel the same, please send in your comments and I will post them.

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