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How To Connect With Great Real Estate Agents On Social Media

You probably use your social media pages, from your Twitter to your Google+ and Facebook accounts, every single day for leisurely activities, such as playing games, interacting with friends and family, posting photos and videos, and keeping up with your favorite businesses and brands. But did you know that social media can also make a big difference if you are in the market for new real estate, whether you are looking for a new home for your family, a commercial property for your business, or some land to build your dream home on?

It turns out that more people are actually turning to social media to find the properties that they need, and they are able to find the right listings a lot more quickly as a result because they no longer need to waste time visiting a bunch of different real estate websites and they do not need to waste time searching through the many listings in the newspaper either.

Real Estate Agents are Jumping onto Social Media Networks

Real estate agents, too, are realising that they should be on the same social media networks that their potential clients are already spending the majority of their time on. If you look around, you will quickly realise that more and more real estate agents are taking advantage of social media in order to build their own networks of clients and expand their business so that they can sell more properties and earn more profits. As a buyer, therefore, it is your responsibility to connect with these real estate agents when you need them.

Finding Real Estate Agents is Easier Than You Think

You may think that finding a real estate agent on social media can be as difficult as locating your new mortgage broker on these same sites, but the truth is that it can be quite easy. If you are looking through your local newspaper for listings, or if you are visiting sites like Realtor to find local listings that you may be interested in, you can look more closely and see who the listing agents are for the types of properties that you are looking for. Write down their names and then search for them on your favourite social media sites. Once you find them, “follow” them, befriend them, “like” them, and do whatever it takes to make the connection so that you can see their newest listings every day.

Remember to Check Their Pages Daily

Remember that social media pages are tricky. Even if you connect with a bunch of local real estate agents, you may not see their postings in your newsfeeds. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to check their pages daily, or at least regularly enough, to stay on top of their latest news, listings, and more.

By knowing how to harness the power of social media, you can find the real estate you’re looking for sooner rather than later. Connecting directly with real estate agents is the first way to make your search a lot easier.


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