How To Keep Your Social Media Content Fresh

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2018)One of the biggest issues a lot of small businesses have is trying keeping their updates engaging and ultimately fresh.

Even for professional marketers, being able to keep on top of social media posts and ensure that they remain quite exciting and engaging can be a task. So, for people not in the marketing industry it can even be harder.

However, there are a number of different things you can do to help and we’ve compiled a list of ways to help you keep things zingy and take things to the next level, rather than down a level. These tips will go a long way to keeping people interested and increasing those social shares and clicks.

  • Be Human – this is the number one most important rule that there is in social media – be human. Being social, conversational and talking and engaging others go a long way to keeping people engaged. So, share their content, other people’s links and be creative.
  • We all get stuck now and then and don’t have the slightest clue what to post – it’s a social media form of writers block. The best way to get inspiration is to simply look at the date. There’s always a calendar date that deserves a post coming up and a date specific promotion, stream, chat or hashtag is a great way to engage people and create a conversation. Go a little further and create an image or even a meme to do with the occasion and share through social. It’s a great way to get an engaging yet easy boost.
  • Use the Crowd – Why not crowdsource your content through fans. It works on a dual level – you get free content and secondly you also get to engage them. Photo contests, polls or even an on-page question will engage and improve input and are a great way to get people interested.
  • Good quotes or questions are also a good way to get people interested and sharing your posts online.


Let’s Develop the Question Idea

One of the great things about asking questions is that it automatically will spark up a talk or a conversation. We know at Fuse Wave how much people love to have their opinion heard and it can be a fantastic way for you to improve your business.

Ask questions that allow you to gain insight into what the customer’s want and if you get enough quality engagement you can use them elsewhere. These sessions make great blog posts, while also improving engagement and connections with your clients or customers.

Other Content Ideas

There are a number of other great content sources that make great Facebook posts or tweets – try some of these:

  • Industry blogs
  • Headlines from the paper
  • Pinterest can be a good place to look
  • YouTube can be a good way to place a visual aspect on a story
  • Newsletters
  • Your blog – have you written something of late that could be a good, shareable post

Now, get them out there and post them online. All you need is a couple of lines for a Facebook post and the prerequisite 140 characters on Twitter with a couple of hashtags.

There are all sorts of other ways to keep your content fresh and engage people. It’s a case of variety in most cases and not doing the same thing again and again. It might have brought you success the first few times, but people get sick of formulated posts – so mix up a little.

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  1. Adam  March 15, 2014

    Great suggestions for how I can improve my company’s Facebook and Twitter pages and keep them engaging to my target audience – my customers!

  2. muneer  July 25, 2014

    I would use some burning news like who would win the world cup, which will initiate a discussion thus keeping the people engraved and force re-visits. To divert the social media customers to my website, I would use free offers like psd banners, free word press themes etc.


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