How to Make Website

The questions which come in the mind about the making of the website are,” What is the purpose of the website? How it to make website? ”. We all go through this at one stage or other. I thought I must put across some basic on “How to make website”.
Basically it comes to 2 options:
Option 1: Hire a web designing company
Option 2: Develop website yourself.

Hiring a Web Developer
This is straight forward approach. Hire a suitable web designer, pay him and get it done. You will reduce the stress, web designing company will create your website as per your requirements. If you also want the after services or maintenance services like updating the website, maintain of the website, SEO and CMS, than you can also hire the company for their services. I also had discussed about hiring a web designer.
– Web design company will create a customized website for your business.
– Professional web design and enhanced functionality as web developers have experience and know how to add required features as per nature of your website.
– It’s an expensive option to hire the web developer. You are looking to pay something like $300 upwards for a reasonable website development. I added price analysis of Canadiac web design companies to give you some idea.
– Finding suitable web design company in your locality may be hard. So you may have to resort to online search which is tricky affair.
I am planning to add a list of web designing companies in Canada in this blog shortly.

Make a Website at Your Own
If you have the knowledge of designing or want to attain this skill you can start developing. Let me say that its not as difficult as often thought. There are three answers to How to Make Website at your own:-

– Method 1: Using a desktop applications.
– Method 2: Using online Web-Builder.
– Method 3: Using free open source scripts like WordPress, Joomla etc.

Making Website with Desk Top Applications:

There are number of web development tools like dreamweaver, coffee cup, microsoft expression web etc using which one can develop website. Most web development tools / applications can be used without serious knowledge of coding. However, it would need some kind of assistance. Videos at youtube would do.
If you are looking at a dynamic advanced website, this method may not be right for you unless you have knowledge of scripting languages.
Buying a website template may be good way to start on these web builders. It can reduce learning curve. You can decent website templates at net at low cost and add own text / images to it.
– No web development cost.
– Build as you go approach.
– Easy future management / modifications.
– Learning new skills.

– Time taking process. A bit of learning curve is involved in handling the desktop web builder.
Software license are costly, however, there are some free web designing tools available on the net. You will need a google search for this.
– A comprehensive website would need knowledge of scripting language which may be time consuming.

Online Web Builder to Make a Website
Lots of online web builders have come up these days. An online web-builder has the tutorial videos for the beginners. These are easy to use, just select the template, drag and drop the objects for creating the website. I am compiling list of online web builders and will add here shortly.
No technical skills required: without technical skills, you can create a website in minutes; without the use of code, you can just pick and drop the images as you want.
– Affordable: it reduces the cost by making and changing of your own site.
– User preview: While creating your website you can preview your website. This makes it easier to see whether it is going to be user friendly and whether the colors you are choosing look good.
Online support system: online web builders have the support system. Whenever you get stuck up, there will be support via email or through the online forums.
Limited Design Features: when you are using the templates, mostly you can’t create your own design. You will be on risk; your website looks similar to others.
Costly Expansion: when you want to add additional features or purchase the more space to expand your website, than it will become costly. These builders are not able to handle the large or complex websites.
Unreliable:If you have selected unreliable builder than you are running the risk of losing your entire website, because you are using the online website builder and your data will be store off site.
Limited Hosting Availability:All Online website builders are not compatible with all web hosting services, May be you will limited to a web-hosting provider, through which you will get downtime during high traffic spikes, or limits bandwidth.

Building a Website Using online Scripts (Word Press, Joomla etc.)
You must have heard for blog There are number of free open source scripts using which one can develop website. These include wordpress, joomla, drupal, tmblr, blogspot, and many more. Depending upon the type of website, like forum (phpbb) and ecommerce website etc, you can do a bit of google search and select one.
– Simple easy way to make a website.
– Least expensive.
– Mostly these scripts also have free themes.
– Its time consuming process to find which of these tools is most suited to your requirement.
– Free themes / templates may not be very professional, so you may need to buy template.
– Bug removal and extensive customization may need help from professional developer.

To conclude, the question of “How to Make a Website” may not practically be answered in a short article or tutorial. It mainly because of large number of options available to design a website. If you are looking to do so, I would suggest to spend couple of hours for analysis of options available.

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