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Increase Website Traffic

Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic In The Search Engines

By: Steve Ellias – June 01, 2013

Topics For This Post include:

  1. Increase Your Website Traffic Opening Discussion.
  2. Search Engine Optimization and Website Content.
  3. Authorship and Video Thumbnails.
  4. Write Titles and Descriptions People Can’t Resist.
  5. Leverage Your Internal Links.
  6. Guest Blogging – Add Your Professional Advice To Other Blogs.
  7. Building Up Your Back Links – Use Only Relevant Authority Sites.

Increase Your Website Traffic Opening Discussion.

One of the most difficult elements of running a website or blog site is enhancing your traffic. You have created a fantastic web site or blog, wrote your finest content but when you check your analytics information you notice that you just get a couple of site visitors per day. Why is this occurring? Simply since your website advertising methods fell short.

Developing a web site is one thing,  however promoting it properly is a totally different concept. This is the most challenging thing and the most frustrating thing, not getting visitors.You could have the most beautiful and informative website, but without visitors, this site will not do you any good what so ever. This is why we need to think out-side of the box when it comes to building up site traffic.

Before getting involved in what you need to do and what you shouldn’t do to increase your web site visitors, think about this: the Net is a pool of limitless users that is enhancing day by day and you only need an extremely tiny section to accomplish your objectives.

In 2012 alone there were over 1.4 trillion searches in Google, Facebook had more than 800 million active users, Twitter had more than 500 million users and the listing can continue.

In other words, unlike the real life (offline World), in the on-line World your prospective clients, visitors, fans are unlimited and they are just a click away from seeing your website.

They don’t have to walk or drive to your web site or eCommerce store, they don’t have to pay anything to visit and all you need to do is put your website in front of their mouse pointer.

Thankfully there are many means to do this and this is exactly what I will discuss in this post. There are always different ways to accomplish the same goal, so I encourage you to be open-minded with my ideas and if you are not sure, please search other sites as well. I am sure you will find similar ways and tips on other sites. SEO has been a huge market and there are tons of people performing this service. I also caution you to be careful when dealing with Black Hat strategies for building up website traffic because Google is aware of them all and this could really jeopardize your sites performance in the search engines and even get your website blocked by Google. Again, just be very careful and take your time researching and coming up with strategies to improve your sites traffic.

Search Engine Optimization and Website Content

I have mentioned this term several time before in several articles I have wrote on this blog. The reason I keep on bringing up SEO is because your website content have to be perfect and rich. Make sure your optimization for your web pages are done correctly and the keyword density for your keywords are done great.

Offer free of cost, original, and quality material on your website. This is the most effective methods for enhancing traffic to an internet site; providing people something that they can not acquire somewhere else, or a minimum of, not to the level of quality that you are offering it. Ways where to make sure that your material is of higher quality than rivals or is special include:

  • Developing material that is helpful and beneficial. Simply cobbling together info from another site will not produce traffic. You need to provide site visitors the info they should attain an objective, address a trouble, be amused, find out quality news or have a great laugh.
  • Improve your online search engine ranking by concentrating your content on keywords connected to your subject. This is called online search engine optimization and will help individuals discover your website when they’re browsing the Internet. Ensure the keywords flow naturally with the text and when you are brainstorming for good words, ask around for words that come naturally to people of any ages when aiming for your kind of website. To help you comprehend much better, recognize that the keywords not just go into headings and page names however likewise into “meta tags”. “Meta tags” are the software code that website visitors do not see but search engines do. Lastly, don’t overdo the keywords; over-stuffing keywords will lead to an extremely low search placing for your website. Likewise, be very mindful not to put essential text inside graphics; search engines can not pick up graphics.
  • Keep it fresh. For repeat check outs, it is crucial to provide regular updates to the internet site, specifically in often viewed zones. Include fresh content every few days if possible; at a minimum, weekly.
  • To have a totally operating and effective website, you should make certain your tags are in location and your links are not broken. You likewise need to send a sitemap. xml file to Google to have your website show up in Google’s search engines. There is a device that checks websites just in case you missed out on tags and links and it creates a free of cost sitemap. xml file. It gives you results in minutes.
  • Outsource post writing. If you hate the idea of generating content yourself, or your group is not writing-savvy, consider outsourcing this end of the job. Relying on the length, material, field of expertise and quality required, costs can begin as reduced as $5.00 per article. However, do not disregard attempting to write your own work – who much better than you understands your own business, pastime or club and can reveal specifically what needs to be said? Simply sit down and begin writing a post. You maybe made an impression when you’re done!
  • Add video to your landing pages (VLP – Video Landing Page) that is helpful and pertinent to your website. Respected studies reveal that great video can enhance conversions and page ranking more than many other item you can add to your pages.
  • Use landing pages for quick fulfillment of your PPC ad.
  • Introduce some contests. It’ll draw you instant traffic. You can Goggle search some cost-free sponsor program and do such contest frequently.

Authorship and Video Thumbnails 

Product-based rich snippets will likely be the most applicable for many merchants, but there’s also two other types of enhanced listings to know about: Google Authorship and video thumbnails. With Google Authorship, this will tell Google whom has written the article and what type of material they are providing. Your image will appear along side of the search results and this will increase your hits by 30% because people tend to click on image search results, rather than clicking on non-image results. Video thumbnails will show the results in Google with an image of a video that tells people that there is a video associated with that result. Again, video thumbnail results by Google will definitely increase your chances of people clicking on your article or page instead of other results with no video image. People like video results because they can learn more and get more content visually instead of reading the content. This is a know fact that its easier to see a tutorial video or instructional video, rather than trying to understand the concept by reading the instructions.

Video and Authorship results in the search engines are very important. Try to create a video to get your point across and also try to have an image of yourself and make sure you attach it to your profile on your word press website. You can use avatar and sign up for a free account and place your email used for your sites and your image on your account. when ever you place a posting on the internet, your image will show up if you use that same email in your avatar account.

Write Titles and Descriptions People Can’t Resist

The meta title and meta description are attributes that determine how your page appears in the search results – and they’re extremely important. Write a compelling title and interesting description and you’ll stand out to searches.   Alternatively, if your copy is boring and doesn’t offer any compelling reason to click, you’ll get much less traffic. Ask yourself this, if you are searching the internet for something, what grabs your attention? Search for related business products or services that you are doing or closely related to what you are doing. Look over the results and see what catches your attention. make sure your title and description is catchy and would entice anyone to click yours, instead of the result above or below your website.

Leverage Your Internal Links

Getting links from various other sites is undoubtedly a crucial and popular technique. Far less people understand the amount of influence your own site’s structure and internal links have over your positions. Should provide a specific page a rankings improve? Associating with it from existing high authority pages on your domain can pass authority and assist the target page to rank better.

Below is what you can do:

  • Make a list of high-value target pages you ‘d like to rank better.
  • Identify the pages on your site that currently have the most authority and “SEO juice.”
  • Include a link from your authority page(s) to your target page(s).
  • Incorporate the link naturally on the authority page making use of anchor text connected to the keyword you ‘d such as the target page to place for.

A website’s homepage will usually be the most authoritative page on a domain, so it’s an obvious option for an authority page to connect from. To find various other internal authority pages, utilize Open Site Traveler to search for internal links, then type in coming down order by Page Authority so the most authoritative internal pages rise to the top.

Guest Blogging – Add Your Professional Advice To Other Blogs

Write the best stuff you can and link back to some of your best articles on your blog through the guest article. You are working smart since you are getting direct traffic and building the best type of links for your traffic through Google. Not to mention that the back links are coming from other related blogs. Most people also do not realize that when you are getting back links, its also important to get back links from all sorts of different server addresses. This shows Google that you are not just creating blogs yourself to add links to, but rather building up exposure for your content in guest blogs that are not in your server.

Building Up Your Back Links – Use Only Relevant Authority Sites

Get linked. This is an extremely important part of website management. Exchange links. Trading links with various other sites that are carefully connected to the subject of your site can bring you more website web traffic. These are two-way links because you should offer a link to them, too, and associated with low-grade internet sites can threaten the reliability of yours. Just link to sites that are dead on topic, and genuinely assist your visitors. Instead of trading links, you might likewise trade banner advertisements, half page ads, categorized advertisements, and so on.

Make sure to not be too excessive with your link exchanges and do not make this your whole link structure approach.

Google web designer guidelines specifically states to not engage in link schemes consisting of: Excessive mutual links or excessive link exchanging (“Link with me and I’ll link to you.”). These are considered Black Hat strategies and they are fading away very fast because Google is advancing in its algorithm so fast and is getting so sophisticated.

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