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Why Businesses Should Invest In Social Media Advertising

Every year thousands of small business owners spend countless hours attempting to figure out if social media will allow them to better promote their company.  What these business owners don’t realize is how obvious a choice it is.  Invest In Social Media is all the rage in almost every civilized nation in the world.

This creates a huge and organized target of which companies can begin advertising in order to create better mindshare for their product. Social media advertising isn’t difficult to master either; in fact, many companies exist to expedite the process for novice business owners. So read on and find out how you can easily expand your business.


  • Everyone Needs a Helping Hand

While Twitter and Facebook may be intuitive and straightforward for younger generations there is no doubt that some of us are simply not as adept at using these platforms. However, this isn’t an issue as the market has always jumped at the chance to offer a service.

Now, these services can differ depending on your actual goals. Some companies simply research trends and data In order to create a series of statistics that serve to better inform owners as to what the consumers want. Still, this method requires the business owners to then implement these changes entirely on their own. Other companies exist to singlehandedly boost your reputation almost overnight.


  • Neo Reach

Companies such as sell “celebrity” endorsements on Vine in order to help promote a product or brand. Neo Reach offers quite a few different ways to choose from. Their website proudly promotes methods such as Channel Takeovers, Product Features, Online Promotion, Vine Contests, Targeted Interaction, and lastly the Neo Rush.

Channel Takeovers are when Neo Reach’s network of “celebrity” Vine members will post original content onto your account page as well as spread the message to their own followers.

Product Features is rather self-explanatory, this strategy involves Neo Reach. Com’s Vine “Celebrities” to begin incorporating your product, service, or brand into one of their Vines. Online Promotion involves Neo Reach spreading your service, product, or brand onto Viner’s blogs as well as their individual online stores.

This will absolutely raise your brand recognition overnight.  Of course, nothing Neo Reach sells as a marketing strategy is more impressive than the Neo Rush. This service essentially unleashes every one of Neo Reach’s “celebrity” members in support of your product, service, or brand.


  • Fact or Fiction?

To some, it’s easy to write off the potential impact of Invest In Social Media. As nothing more than a gimmick, although I’m not sure why? Numerous studies available show significant growth for companies that engage in social media advertising. One of the notable examples involves the Jimmy Choo brand. This company utilized Twitter by posting Geo-tagged photographs of their merchandise at upscale establishments.

This increased their sneaker sales by 33% while positive tweets and messages about their brand raised by 40%. Countless examples litter the internet proving the merit of social media advertising, and just how effective it could be for your company.


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