Latest Web Design Trends in 2014

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2018)1. Responsiveness  Web Design: You would think that something, that has been around for several years now, would by now have prolonged and become the traditional for most of the web. Actually, it should be the traditional – as there is no any other substitute to creating sites mobile cellphone helpful.

2. Minimalism WebSite Design – When it comes to Latest Trends in Web Design in 2014, minimalist designs are does not appear much lower in the ranking.   We considered smooth already, which allows us to think of minimalism as easy style, only without all the stylish shades. Simple web style has been enhancing already, and one of the reasons for that is the huge focus that is being put on material, and nothing else but material.

3. Video background: Because movie material is becoming easier (&cheaper) to produce, and also the bandwidth, the speedy processors. All this makes videos an options which these were not in the past. we’re going to see a lot more of it, especially when it comes to introducing a organization (or yourself) to the world. This also goes for factors movie credentials moments, take a look at this Spotify web page and tell us you don’t want to go execute on something identical right now.

4. “Branded” Typography: “Brand-able” create styles mean only one aspect, the web page using them is trying to get a idea across that they’re individual, and do not depend on other’s perspective to run their organization, it’s a highly effective idea at that.

5. One-Page Scrolling Web Design: Discussion on Latest Trends in Web Design in 2014, would be incomplete without on-page scrolling. 2014 is definitely the year when this style strategy has come of age to one page. It is the most convenient way of showing material. Why make several websites and mixtures? Why not every thing on a single page. Here, the clients look for down and are able to perspective different sections (pages) of your web page in one go

6. Light and portable Sidebars ; Gone are the days for the need to demonstrate a sidebar on every personal web page. Now, we are able to focus more on the full-width material of websites and have

7. Parallax Scrolling:   Parallax is a displacement or distinction in the apparent place of products considered along two different selections of perspective, and is measured by the place or semi-angle of propensity between those two selections.

May seem like one-page scrolling headline, but we do believe that there are a lot of sites that choose personal parallax images to capture the interest only once. Parallax has been modifying, and will keep do so in 2014.

8.   SVG Animation – Scalable Vector Design: have been around for a while, but only now are creating important enhancement as more expert web developers are beginning to focus on it. SVG’s are incredibly easy to variety, they’re small in dimension and as of late – a lot of JavaScript selections are creating overall look to make growth easier and more effective.


Latest trends in Web Designing

Latest trends in Web Designing

WordPress, the Name of the Day: has come up as effective web tool, over the last few years as the most suggested web style and growth system. Each year 10s of 100s of themes and plugins come up while older vanish even faster. WordPress ideas / styles have reached a new level.

9. Sensitive Website Design: Marking it as a style strategy would not be incorrect, as it has become a need for creating a WordPress web page and It’s Hot! Close to 22% of the web page views in 2013 came from mobile phones which is a double number growth if assess with 2012. Most of the big organizations have transformed their eye towards delicate WordPress styles. The sites are released to be updated in to make sure maximum possible legibility and performance on mobile phones. This allows in enhancing accomplish and assures maximum possible ROI to the organizations.

10. Page Titles: This is another style strategy that draws its resource from the Smartphone design. In 2014, plenty of developers are using ground generators to art flooring surfaces without problems. Here they have an wide variety of customization options that allows them to make flooring surfaces of different measurements and shades that can signify the value of information fixed within each ground. These can be placed in accordance with the need. Also, you can easily add new flooring surfaces on the home-page, if needed, without affecting the overall look and experience.

11. Sleek Design When your competitors are showing exuberance with shades and images, it will pay a lot to opt for a Sleek Design. I have come across many sites that use only a few shades of colour or a mountain with some images. This makes the idea apparent and redirecting is also easy. It gives an sanctuary impact on the clients who would take notice of the web page when discovering it difficult to get around complex sites that your competitors would have.



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  1. Hello  August 8, 2014

    The article is good, but a bit complex. it would be better, if we could know in simplest language about various types of website designing trends in Canada or world over.

  2. Lewis Potter  August 9, 2014

    i don’t know why peoples are considering video background & one page scrolling design as latest trends in Web designing. i have launched hundreds of latest websites but not even a single user demanded for one page scrolling design and video background. so being a web designer i don’t think these factors should be in latest design trends.

    • Hello  August 9, 2014

      Lewis, new people (not peoples) are considering it. Any one who has launched 100s of websites does, is obviously a bit old for new things :)

      • Lewis Potter  August 10, 2014

        hello, my team always take care about latest trends and standards of web design. in Canada most of the users demand for sensitive and Responsive design. nobody is looking for a website with video background :-P embedding of such background have their own limitations.

  3. John Martin  August 10, 2014

    i dont think so building of one page scrolling website and video background website is a sound option. by getting an average from internet, one of thousand website is build upon it. but i didn’t get any type of this website have space in “Latest Trends in Web Designing in 2014”. author kindly explain this factor

    • Smith Backer  August 10, 2014

      Hey Jhon,

      Thanks for taking time for leaving a feedback on this blog post.
      There are many reason to make use of one page scrolling website, as they are on one page, user don’t have to go to inner pages to find out more information, One can easily get each and everything within the one page.
      These one page websites are easy to navigate, user friendly and time saving website.
      All the information of the product / services are within on the page including pricing. So I think one page websites are good option in the coming years.

      Though everyone has own opinion but the trends in the web design industry is actually trending towards the one page websites like options.

  4. Ben Gibbons  August 10, 2014

    Muneer , Good article about latest trends in Web designs . Is Sensitive and responsive design are two different areas? i think sensitivity of as design is the main property of Responsiveness ;-)

  5. Anna bartley  August 23, 2014

    Smith you seem like the old man in the Blogging, but smith one page scrolling websites are just based on graphics or a short content. It doesn’t have the space for long contents and many other things. These websites have the congested space for the content and you will be unable to add any other thing.

  6. alvin carter  September 9, 2014

    No doubt muneer, one page websites has its great attractive look and navigation. But i think one page website can’t performs all tasks, like E-Commerce etc. But One Page website are suitable for individual or services providers or any type of information providers.


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