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Limitations of WordPress is Essential for Your Success. Read This to Find Out Why

Before talking about the Limitations of WordPress, Why I should use WordPress and why I shouldn’t use WordPress or Pro. And the Cons of using WordPress are some of the interesting questions to handle. WordPress has become the most popular blogging as well as a designing platform. Which is massively used all over the world. WordPress is also largely used by web developers as a content management system (CMS), providing ease and free-of-cost setups. Anybody with basic knowledge and little experience in web designing can build an engaging website or blog in no time. While WordPress has a lot of benefits there are some weaknesses or limitations. I have held so many discussions regarding WordPress with my clients and developers and am desirous to share with you the limitations of WordPress. My purpose is not to criticize this platform but to make a point.


Security Issues of WordPress

One of the major limitations of WordPress is security because being a very popular open-source platform WordPress is often targeted by hackers. The security of WP is often challenged by hackers in the following ways. Well, these are not to deny such service providers at Canada Web Desing Services from the fact that they are good in security, but not everyone is; so let’s get back to security issues of wp which are as under:-

  • When you install a plugin from a third-party source it may contain malicious code which allows the plugin creator to access your admin panel. Plugin creators can make changes to your WordPress website.
  • The login location to WP installation is well known to hackers. On top of it, most users do not change their user name ice “admin” by default. That way 60% of the problem of hackers i.e. login URL and the user name is already known. The hacker is left with the effort of retrieving the password only.
  • The file location and the relation permissions are well known to everyone. Everyone knows about the location of sensitive files such as WP configuration files, install scripts, etc. hackers may break the security of WP by accessing these files.
  • SQL injection and URL insertion attacks can make WP vulnerable. Commands are sent to WP Database via URL parameters by hackers. These attacks can reveal important information that might be helpful for hackers to make modifications to your content.
  • The lack of awareness of webmasters thus allowing unchecked uploading of files is yet another aspect adding to the limitations of WordPress.


Consumes a lot of resources

Security isn’t the only limitation, other of its limitations include the fact that WP is resource-heavy. WP consumes a lot of resources as compared with Joomla or Drupal. You’ll have to install a lot of plugins, the more you install WordPress plugins slower your site becomes. WordPress also consumes more server resources than plain HTML or PHP template sites.


Customization may increase the cost

The limitations of WordPress include Customizing the website so created. Installation of the WP site and theme is easy, but when changes or adjustments are needed, it may be time-consuming. Modification in the WP site requires knowledge and understanding of programming languages. Because every theme is implemented differently, the developer has to familiarize themselves with all themes before making any changes.


Compatibility issues

The serious issue with WP websites is that it frequently updates their core files. And these updates are often incompatible with older themes and plugins. If your site relies on older plugins you should have to keep updating your plugins to resolve the compatibility issues.


Lack of flexibility

This is also major one of the major limitations of WordPress. Because WP is designed for blogs and small content websites. If you want to develop a large website that is not utterly “standard”. It requires you to make many systematic changes. WP often does not perform well, in handling a high database and a number of pages. Moreover, the load time of webpages becomes slower. Though many articles on Word Press Archives website indicate other ways.



Uniqueness is also considered a serious limitation of WordPress. If you are starting with WP for your website. You may realize that there are some other sites using the same theme, and you’re no different. Due to this, your website lost its uniqueness. It looks like many other websites on the internet, from a business point of view it may affect your target customers.



WordPress is great but the limitations of WP insist we think about finding their solution immediately or switch to another platform that will be free of risks and issues. If this platform has issues there are several ways to overcome the issues. Which I’ll discuss in my next article.


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