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Little-Known Ways to Make Money from Your Blog

For anyone who has the tenacity and skill to put together a good-looking web site, there’s a lot of potential in creating a blog that will get read and produce some kind of economic benefit for its founder. People from all walks of life are creating blogs in order to showcase their experiences and talents. The blog is becoming a major part of the way that we interact over the Internet. There are common-interest blogs, blogs around different markets and industries, and personal-life blogs that showcase how someone manages a family or lives a certain type of lifestyle.

A few simple ideas can help blog owners to capitalize on their efforts to broadcast their writing to a large audience.

If You Build It, They Will Come

One of the major first steps for monetizing a blog starts with building great content and establishing an audience. It’s not typically easy to get money out of a blog until it starts getting a certain level of readership. In order to get there, bloggers often need to put in a lot of time and effort. Setting up the domain is first. Adding content is second. In addition, bloggers will need to curate their posts and comments to try to get web optimization and increase web traffic.

The bottom line is that many well-designed blogs do start to experience significant traffic after a number of months of continual maintenance and new content.


Create Relationships with Businesses

The business relationship phase is where some bloggers make the bulk of their money. By setting up guest blogger relationships or using their own blogs to become “hired guns” for writing other web site content, bloggers expand beyond their own little niche to broadcast in different ways to a greater audience. Businesses often pay these individuals by the page or by the word. This can be a significant source of income at a time when “9 to 5” jobs are hard to find.

Find Business Sponsors

Another typical way that people make money with blogs is to get businesses to sponsor content. The benefits of this system include the following:

  • bloggers are the owners of their content;
  • bloggers have control over their own Web domains;
  • the person who thought up the idea for a blog can retain that idea if sponsors decide to disengage.

Another advantage of business sponsorship is that bloggers can find many different kinds of sponsors. A sponsor for a web site can be a used car business, a government vendor, a tech startup, a chain of addiction rehab centers or really any kind of business at all. The key is to negotiate a specific amount of money in exchange for acknowledging sponsors on the blog or otherwise adding them to blog content.

Think about the above for plans to monetize a blogging project.


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