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Ways To Make Your Website More Popular

Make Website Popular In All The Major Search Engines

With all the competition on the internet and the hard work, it takes to get your website to the top of the search engines, your site has to be perfect and all aspects of your site have to be user friendly. The internet is growing at a dramatic rate and this means that your competition is also. In order for search engines like Google to put the best of the best on the top of their search engines, they must make decisions based upon your site and others.  In order to be above your competition, make sure your pages load extremely fast, your content is rewarding and informative to your visitors, no spam popups, great navigation, and always continue to add fresh content in the form of new pages or blog posts. There are several other key factors to consider when trying to overcome your competition, but let’s start with the basics first. I have other topics on my blog that should help you with marketing and SEO. Click here for all our blog topics.

The big question with the most website or blog owners is how to make their site more popular and how to increase their website visitors. This is a huge task to do for all site owners, including me.  However, I will give some pointers on how I feel about increasing your internet site visitors – Increase your site traffic.

Website traffic can be measured in several ways. One way is to use Google Analytics data which will tell you exactly where, when, how, and who visited your site. Google provides excellent monitoring tools and even tools to check your site at that very moment in time.  Another great tool to check your stats for traffic is using the Alexa website Monitoring services. This will give you an indication where your site sits on the worldwide web-scale compared to the rest of the sites on the internet.

Some Key Ingredients To Increasing Your Website Traffic

1. Change and update your content and dates on your site every day. 

2. Make sure your site is user friendly and easy to read and navigate through.

3. Provide user interaction – Users can take action on your site.

4. Create new pages – Blog posts to get indexed and new pages for people to keep coming back.

5. Social Networking Involvement.

Change and update your content on your site every day.

You need to think of this before you start building your blog or website. Will you always be available to keep your site fresh and updated? Lots of people build a website or blog and once it is finished, feel that they accomplished everything and that there is no need to continue to add or make their existing content updated with the times.  This is a huge mistake because things change all the time and so does your information and content.  For example, I am talking today about ways to increase your traffic. This is a topic that would change all the time such as when dealing with search engine optimization. You need to go into your post or pages and update the information, images, and the rest of your content to keep it fresh. This is a big step people neglect all the time and they wonder why their site starts to lower in Google.  The reason is the sites above their site has fresh, new content compared to their old content. 

If you have posted several blog topics or created several pages on your site, make sure you keep this data updated. Go into your posting and add a few updates. Even if it’s just a few sentences. Make sure you change your post date to that day because most WordPress blog post do not automatically update the date of the posting. Technically since you have changed the content or updated the content, you should also update the blog posting or site date.

Make sure your site is user friendly and easy to read and navigate through

Having that Flash intro and lots of Java Script is nice to look at, but it lowers your website loading time big time, and its not very search engine friendly. Try to keep it simple, clean, and fast loading. Please note that if Google cannot load your site in ample time, it will not index that page it is trying to load to crawl through. Page Speed is extremely important with search engines as well as for the average visitor. How many times have you tried to load a blog or website and it took too long, so you pressed the back button on the browser or closed the page trying to load?  I do this every day and will not go to a site that loads too long.  This tells me that they have too much stuff, too much spam possibly and I do not wish to enter a site like this. I will proceed to the next site on Google.

DO NOT USE SPAM POPUPS – This is the most annoying thing about visiting a website that has popups every time you turn around. This is a selling scheme and most people will get annoyed instead of taking action on your site. If you have to use popups in order to get the attention of your visitors, this tells me that your site content alone does not catch their attention and this goes back to point one – Change your content.

Make sure your navigation is done correctly and people can get from one page on your site to another and back to the home without difficulty.  I have been on sites that I cannot find the home button or when I try to back up, an annoying popup comes up.  This is not good at all and most people will again just leave your site.  Have a backlink, a clean menu bar, and always have a link to your home page on your logo or banner text throughout your website or blog.

The site has to be extremely user friendly. There are no exceptions to this rule because your competition will eat you in the search engines if your site is not up to the standards of Google and the rest of the search engines.

Relevant Content – Have you ever went to a site after doing a search for something and upon entering the site was so confused and could not find what you were searching for?  This is a HUGE problem with sites. They try to get so many points across on one page and the content you are trying to locate is hidden and not in plain view. Make sure your page has relevant content and its not hard to find. Remember, you have 10 seconds on average to catch their attention. If you do not, your visitor will leave your site and go to the next on the search results. Make sure the landing page you are trying to advertise or promote gets the point across very fast. Do not have to much go on or a busy page because its hard to find what you are looking for when a page has advertising, spam, and too much information on it.  Get your point across by making it very simple for your visitors to find the term they searched for.

Provide user interaction – Users can take action on your site – Or Daily Activities

Contest Or Win Something – If you can provide user interaction on your site, this will get people to come back and interact on a daily basis. There are several things you can do here to get user interaction. Have a contest or an enter to win the draw.  This will give something back to your valued visitors and they will most likely tell others to come and enter your contest.  I plan on having a contest or an entry to win a basic website. I think that giving back a $300 value to my visitors is a great idea and this does two things for me. First off, it increases my visitors, second off, this allows me to capture email addresses for future promotional methods. Its a win-win situation for both visitors to my site and for me the site owner.

Blog Comments – Have a discussion blog or a topic that users may join and input their valued information or their experiences. This is a very popular way for user interaction on a website or blog.  In my blog here, I do not allow people to interact because this is me giving all my experiences and knowledge out to others. This way I know my visitors are not getting mislead or corrupted by others. Another downside of a blog interaction is tons of spam from people trying to get a backlink back to their site. This is the most important reason I do not allow comments on my blog. Having said that, there are lots of blogs that do allow comments and this is a great way for certain blogs to gain traffic because people like to input their experiences and I feel for certain topics, its a great idea.

Provide Relative Tools – Provide your visitors with tools they may use to improve their experiences related to your site. In my case, I have Website and SEO Tools that my visitors may use for free to check stats, ratings, and much more. These are provided by me as a courtesy to my visitors and customers. This is a great way to have your visitor get something from you and also for them to return and use the tools again.

Provide Daily Comments And Lessons, Tips -If you can provide your visitors with helpful information or tips on a daily basis, they will come back each day. This can be done in several ways such as providing quotes, helpful information, from newsletters, learning and improvement classes, and much more. It could be a daily reading from a  bible, a daily poem, a daily inspiring quote, or anything that you can put together and provide to them so they will return each day for that treat. 

Provide Games And Excitement ( Social Media ) – Add games to your site or other forms of entertainment such as music and e-books where people can come back and continue where they left off or try to beat that high score. This is used on Facebook as one of the most important things people return each day, The games on Facebook offer free playing and extra credits each day and this encourages people to return to get their daily free credits or tokens. Facebook also is a user interaction with chatting and social media giant. 

Have Daily Specials And Promotions – This is great for an eCommerce store that can offer daily specials or daily promotions because people will continue to come back just to get that special or at least to see what the daily special is. It’s just like a daily soup in a restaurant. People are curious and will need to know what that daily special or promotion is. 

Whatever the interaction or event you have on your site, the possibilities are endless in what you can do to make it fun or interesting for your visitors to come back to your site. Just think of this – What would it take you to need to return or want to return to a website on a daily basis? If you can answer this, maybe you can come up with a plan to get people wanting to return to your site all the time. You just do not want them to return, you want them to tell others as well. This is the ticket to a successful site with lots of traffic.

Create new pages – Blog post’s to get indexed and new pages for people to keep coming back

This is similar to the above topic, however, you are not just updating existing content, you are creating new pages or post’s that will get indexed and found in the search engines. The more pages you have on the internet that are informative and rewarding to your visitors, the more visitors, and traffic you will get. There are no two ways about it. Think about this – if you have a 10-page website on the internet, and a 300-page website, is it more likely that you will get 30 times more visits to the site with the 300 pages? In theory, yes, but this all depends on the content of the 300-page website and the uniqueness of each and every page of that website. Cloning a website’s pages and changing the content slightly will not suffice. These pages have to be over 75% unique in the eyes of Google.

The fact holds true though for websites that are huge in size and have tons of pages. As long as you can get them indexed and in the search engines, this means that they are worthy of being found by visitors searching the unique terms and phrases in the search engines. The problem with coming up with such a large website is content. Having a blog site and adding a new blog posting or a few posting each day is a great way to do this. However, it takes a lot of patience, dedication, and hard work. Not to mention experience in the topics you are covering and the content writing you have to perform to get a well-written article. If you have several experienced and educated people posting in your blog, then this is great for content. This is one of the advantages of having an open blog that allows comments. If you can monitor the comments and post only the ones that are worthy and relevant to that topic, then this would work. Again, this takes time to do this.

You really need to sit down and come up with a game plan in order to build a big website. Figure out what topic(s) you will have and who will help you with your site. Research, research, and research more in order to gain as much helpful information as you possibly can and always make sure you write the content and do not copy if from other people as this will penalize your website with Google.  Have a lot of your content ready to place on your site. Have the images ready, and have the layout and design ready to handle all your information when you are ready to add it to your site. Think about the future and how you will update the site and if you have time and also the content to add. 

Social Networking Involvement

With all the recent updates done with Google algorithm, Social Media has become one of the most important things to consider. Its everywhere and there is no sign of it dying down. Get involved with Social Networking and when you share links and articles, they are passed along to others and this will again help you increase your traffic. If your content is fresh, rewarding, and informative, chances are people will like it, link it, or send it to others using their favorite Social Networking such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on.

Google takes track of your Google Plus ones, Facebook Like, Twitter Twits, and most other forms of sharing using Social Media. They determine the importance of a website and its pages based upon several factors and one is Social Media involvement.

Get started today by joining Facebook and creating a business page. Joining LinkedIn Canada and creating a business profile. Joining Twitter and getting lots of Twitter followers.


Conclusion Of  Making Your Internet Site More Popular

Having a site that is full of rich new and unique content is a very important factor of being noticed by search engines and increasing your website traffic. Creating more pages and talking about more topics will help you get more visitors to your website and all its pages if all the pages or posts you create are unique in content and full of informative information. Having user interactions, sales and promotions is a great way to get visitors to return and tell others about your site. Social media involvement is more important than ever and you need to get on that wagon today.

I wish you all good fortune and hope your internet site gets to be as popular as you wish it to be. Remember, hard work and determination always pay off when you have your heart stuck on something. Never give up and always try your hardest. 🙂

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