How Your Website Can Make You More Successful in 2016

If you’re a small business owner, chances are you completely underestimate the value of your website. The truth is, most have one simply because “everybody else has one.” So companies tend to go with the flow and follow the herd. Unfortunately,  with this mindset, what most people wind up with is an over-priced “online brochure.”  You know, a basic website where they can send people to get more information.

Have you been a victim of this trap? It’s quite common actually. ...

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An Ecommerce Marketing Event: How to Supercharge Your Brand on Instagram?

When used in the correct manner, Instagram can be one of the best visual advertising and highly-targeted channels for your business.

Recent studies have shown that Instagram gives 25% more engagement in comparison to other social media platforms. Clearly, this shows that Instagram is the primary channel to develop your brand for e-commerce business.

Just like any other social media networks, there are wrong ways, right ways and smart ways to use Instagram. Let’s check out the smart and common ways ...

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5 Factors Of Efficient WordPress Theme for your blog

I’ll bet my whole life savings that the primary thing you ever did was try to set up a new WordPress themes if you are blogging on the WordPress platform. I’ll bet my future incomes that even today you are still periodically changing themes applying new styles and end up spending much time for small modifications which usually sidetracks you from the blogging.

It is simple to understand why WP themes request a lot interest. With the proper theme, you can ...

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An Overview of Virtual Web Hosting

Exactly what is virtual web hosting? When you check out a site, what you are taking a look at on your web browser is simply a website that has in fact downloaded from the virtual web server onto your web browser. A website is usually made up of images, Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP and MySQL. These sites consist of texts and graphic images. All of these websites need to be stored on the virtual web servers so that users who ...

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We apologize for server downtime

We apologize for experiencing some down time last night and today. We were having issues with our server and decided it was time to migrate the site to a better server. Everything is move over now and the site should be more stable with close to 100% up-time going forward. Our goal is of course to have 100% up time and we’re working hard to keep everything stable.

The sites will be much zippier now with the new installation and hopefully ...

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The Website Development Life Cycle

The World Wide Web nowadays is running the world due to the unlimited information that every virtual user can explore. This is the reason why many people who want to start business prefer doing it online. However, it’s not easy to succeed in online business because it’s difficult to promote and market the products and services offered. With this, it’s important to have a well-designed and functional website to obtain web presence through the help of a professional website development ...

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Four Brands with Great Mobile Marketing Approaches

No great strategy is born in a day, and mobile marketing efforts take time. Several companies have struck gold with their industry approaches. Currently, 84 percent of small businesses reportedly experience long-term benefits from simple integration. While everyone has the chance to create a killer strategy, some brand titans stick out above the rest.

Mobile marketing’s biggest benefits enable widespread product and service access. However, a few strategies have taken further steps towards full consumer integration. ...

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Personal branding: Fundamentals 101

What exactly is personal branding? After that you can make use of this brand reveal the world your nature and values and to express. The one error everyone’s thought is that, personal branding is just for the wealthy and famous or for entrepreneur. It is not! It’s for everyone. You must be a specialist on something to boost your value and worth as a person. So just how does one get going on personal branding?

The initial step towards personal branding ...

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How to be Successful in Internet Marketing – Basic Guides

There is so much knowledge about the way to be successful in online marketing, the fact remains it’s worth looking at but you must make up your own strategies. Have a look at this informative article and find out what advice you are able to use for your own success in online website marketing.

You must remind a customer to buy from you to keep coming back by sending out a newsletter, after you have gotten them. Customers have shown interest ...

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Creating The Perfect E-Commerce Website

When it comes to staying online, recent studies have shown that Canadians tend to spend more time on the Web than any other people. It is, therefore no surprise that most businesses have taken their business online. In most cases, this is done with the help of ecommerce websites.

Creating The Perfect E-Commerce Website may seem to be a piece of cake, but in reality, it is something that should be carefully planned. After all, any glitch along the way can ...

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