Personal branding: Fundamentals 101

What exactly is personal branding? After that you can make use of this brand reveal the world your nature and values and to express. The one error everyone’s thought is that, personal branding is just for the wealthy and famous or for entrepreneur. It is not! It’s for everyone. You must be a specialist on something to boost your value and worth as a person. So just how does one get going on personal branding?

The initial step towards personal branding ...

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How to be Successful in Internet Marketing – Basic Guides

There is so much knowledge about the way to be successful in online marketing, the fact remains it’s worth looking at but you must make up your own strategies. Have a look at this informative article and find out what advice you are able to use for your own success in online website marketing.

You must remind a customer to buy from you to keep coming back by sending out a newsletter, after you have gotten them. Customers have shown interest ...

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Creating The Perfect E-Commerce Website

When it comes to staying online, recent studies have shown that Canadians tend to spend more time on the Web than any other people. It is, therefore no surprise that most businesses have taken their business online. In most cases, this is done with the help of ecommerce websites.

Creating The Perfect E-Commerce Website may seem to be a piece of cake, but in reality, it is something that should be carefully planned. After all, any glitch along the way can ...

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Use of Social Network in Canada

Canadian online attitudes have modified. Social network is not only for fun, SNS helps with other community services, events, & E-Commerce. Social Media is turning into a very solid fund raising operating system and Canadian Non-Profits have missed to take benefit from it yet. SNS also delivers a great interaction tool when it comes to emergency situations.

• 59 % of people believe Social Media is superb tool to reach loved ones in emergencies.
• 32 % ...

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Web Development Training Institutes in Canada

Have been compiling articles for web designing. This time I though we must a consolidated list of Web Development Training Institutes in Canada, so here I am, Hope you find it useful:-

Conestoga College:

Description: Conestoga College Institute of “Technology and Advanced Learning” developed in 1967. The institution’s thorough variety of programs through degrees mirrors the area’s diverse and changing job market and ...

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Best Online Web Builders

Online web builders enable developing / designing of the websites. If the person doesn’t have the knowledge of coding language than he will easily create his own website. You can create the website just by drag and drop of objects as you want. Online builders provide the mobile friendly websites, e-commerce, blog website, one page websites and many more. These also have tutorials for the newbies.  Many online builders provide the hosting domains packages as well. Some of ...

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Help desk / Ticketing System

Ticket systems are commonly used in an organization’s to create and update, to resolve reported customer issues. A ticket system is computer software or web based package that manages and maintains lists of issues, as needed by an organization. There are 3 versions of tickets systems; paid version, custom version (only for one company) and the open source version. There is the List of free and open source Help desk/Ticketing System:

Spiceworks:is a pure powerhouse for a ...

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Web Designing Companies in Canada

For my site visitors, I compiled list of web design training institues in Canada, then web hosting companies of Canada. Now  I thought why not to have some compilation done for web designing companies in Canada.


Caorda is providing the fully equipped computer lab rental in Victoria, as well as they are also providing the web hosting, designing and development services.
They start their web hosting and design packages ...

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Use of Internet in Canada


Internet is frequently used in every home and office at global base. Approximately 2,293 million people use internet which is 40% of the total population on earth, 1.87 billion peoples use social network which is 27% of the total population.

Internet users Percentage
Men 72%
Women 76%
By Age:
18-29 89%
30-49 82%
50-64 65%
65+ 49%


Social Networking on mobile phones: With the rise of smartphones made SNS just a finger tap away. ...

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Free Word Press Themes vs Paid Themes

When you start creating a new website using the WordPress platform, the first decisions you have to make is which theme to use. A large numbers of WordPress themes are available on internet. One of the first thing needed is a comparison between Free Word Press Themes vs Paid Themes. Both free and paid WordPress themes have their own advantages and disadvantages. I have tried to list down some important Pros and cons of free vs Paid WordPress themes.

Free WordPress ...

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