Website And SEO Tools

Canada Web Services Has Put Together Lots Of Website And SEO Tools For Your Convenience. Please Look Through All Of Our Web Tools And Check Your Stats, Ranking, And Much More For Free.

Google Page Rank Checker
Google Page Rank Checker – Check a website’s Google Page Rank on major Google data-centers instantly. Find out what your web pages are for Page Rank by using this tool.

Alexa Rank Checker Tool
Alexa Traffic Rank – View and compare Alexa Ranking graphs. Check your website ranking on the World Wide Web by using our Alexa Website Rank tool. This will tell you where your website is ranked. The first website is #1 and this is Google. The #2 website is Facebook. The lower your rating, the better your website is and the more traffic you are getting. This is how the Alexa rating works.

Website Speed Test
Website Speed Test – Find out how fast a specific webpage loads. This is a very important website tool because if your website is not loading fast enough, Google will not rank it great and you might loose out on potential visitors because no-one like a slow loading website.

Broken Link Checker
Broken Link Checker – Find the non-working links present in a web page. This is a must use tool because if your site has broken links, Google and the rest of the search engines will give you a penalty because of broken links. People that are visiting your site might also be reluctant to return if they see broken web links.

Blacklist IP and website lookup
IP Blacklist Lookup – Check if your mail server IP address is blacklisted in email blacklists or not. This is not good if you try to send emails to people and your IP Address of your website that has the emails attached to it – is on the blacklist. People will not receive your emails and you will miss out on potential clients.

Meta Tag Extractor
Meta-tags Extractor – Extract meta-tags information from a web page. This is a great tool to check your own viewing of Meta Tags or to check your competition’s site to see how they use their Meta Tags.

Search Engine Spider
Spider View Website – This tool enables you to view a perspective from a search engine spider. In general, how a search engine may view your web pages. This gives you the opportunity to see just what your web pages look like in Google’s eyes.

Google Banned Checker
Google Banned Checker – Discover whether a website is banned on Google. Without having Google as your search engine on your side, good luck with your website business if your website is banned. This tool is a must to see if your site is banned in the Major Search Engine.

Sitemap Generator
Sitemap Generator – Generate XML, Text or HTML Sitemap of your website. This is a must for search engines to help crawl your website as the sitemap tell them which pages you need crawling.

Web Page Analyzer
Web Page Analyzer – Free online web page analyzer. Check and validate the web pages for important tags and contents. Check the tags and content such as H1, H2, H3, Meta Data, and Links to your web pages.

Keyword Density Check Tool
Keyword Density Checker – Check and analyze the keywords density (based on number of times a keyword appears) in a web page.