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Password Tools You Ned To Simplify Your Existence

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If you did not get wind of it, it was discovered that with just a few clicks accessing all the passwords you have saved in a browser, especially Chrome, is possible. This is quite dangerous for those of us who have a few passwords for all accounts. Some have tried to change and heed the warning of coming up with a combination of symbols, capital letters, numbers and letters just to make a password secure. However, they are not really able to recall their passwords and waste lots of time trying to reset them.

Password Managers

This should not be something disturbing you considering there are password management applications you can use. They are services you can use to come up with unique login details and passwords for every website that needs a unique combination of password and perhaps a username. All the codes will be stored in one unique central place only accessible by you through the use of a single master password; you must ensure you do not forget the master password, ever. Some of these tools for password management include PasswordBox, MaskMe and LastPass with all of them using an encryption service known as AES256 that security analysts believe it would take hackers months or centuries to crack. While they are definitely safe services, a number of things make them very unique.


This is one of the best password managers out there and has been offering people services for a number of years now. Mobile users part with about a dollar each month while those using desktops can access it free. LastPass works on Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. The tool is able to generate passwords and usernames and can fill them in a web form automatically after visiting a site if the service has been enabled. There are apps for Blackberry, Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices but not all are able to populate login details except the app for Android.


This is a new unveiled add-on for your browser. It works as a vault for passwords while offering password storage and generation. It also comes up with aliases for an email address if you so need it, which can be forwarded to the Inbox. The tool is very crucial especially when an email address has been masked since even if an intruder accessed your password, it will be useless to them.

The same application ensures all unwanted mail do not affect your browsing experience. The premium version is about $5 every month and ensures you are protected both on your mobile and desktop. You can even use MaskMe to mask your phone number to pay for items on the web without letting anyone know your real credit card number.  Currently, the browser extension is only for Firefox and Chrome.


This is different from the others in the sense that mobile app is free to access. You can store about 25 passwords on your own or through your app free of charge while beyond 25 means a $1 per month has to be paid. Remember PasswordBox, MaskMe and LastPass are managed by a single master password and you need to be careful while generating it.


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