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Should You Post Articles on Your Own Site?

Write articles for own websiteAfter Humming Bird, Penguin and Panda Updates the whole search engine optimization methods are changed. One has to now focus on his own website content and blog rather than looking for free articles sites.

Now the question is should you post the articles on your own blog or websites? The answer is big YES! You should now focus on posting articles on your own website blog instead of posting on other blogs.

Why you should post on your own blog?

Obviously you want people to visit your blog / website instead of others websites and blogs. To get traffic on your website you need to write good quality content and post it to your website with an image and video if possible. Make sure you write what other peoples are looking for, at the end of the day individuals keep coming to your website instead of other people’s websites. So the bottom line is focus on writing articles for you own website.

Why Post Articles on Your Own Site?

Because posting unique and good quality articles on other website will lead the visitors to those website instead of yours and you will only get few number of visitors from the backlinks and also very low credit to your website, however if you post that article on your own website then you will surely get huge credit as well as all those visitors to your website instead of others websites.

In the long term, you need to get constructing your own personal brand as well as your own market. For this you need to regularly post great articles on your own website in order to accomplish this.

How Much Content Should You Distribute?

To the flip side, placing articles on different people’s websites can enable you to get backlinks in addition to raw visitors. That cannot be reduced, particularly for the new websites.

An ideal combination will begin with about 40% of the information all on your personal website and 60% posted on different websites. This can allow you to get the first rise of visitors and backlinks you must begin making your crowd and obtaining positions.

Once you’ve a few one-way hyperlinks to your own website plus a few hundred individuals coming to your own website regularly, and then begin accumulating your own website instead of other people. Progressively cut back the quantity of articles you syndicate away as well as raise the quantity of content you maintain all on your personal website.

Once you are a well-known manufacturer, you need to become publishing about 95% of articles on your own website rather than somebody else’s website. Another 5% is going to be just for guest-blogging, for folks you realize and for websites with visitors and powerful standing.

Quick Suggestion on Duplicate Content: Never use the duplicate content for your own websites as well as for other websites. Google will place plenty on your website ranking and you will start losing your rank.

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