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PPC Management and Its Responsibilities

Ever wondered how those creative advertisements on the internet come about? As a PPC manager, you have many responsibilities

PPC managers are the masters behind those little pieces. They slave day and night over the creation of those concise ads and then stress over the number of clicks it generates.

A PPC manager will be working with the digital marketing team and will specialize in Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns.

The position of PPC Manager is not easy it is a specialized job that requires a lot from the person. Being in charge of the ad spend and the brand of a client comes with a considerable amount of duty.

However, it is not without its appeal. For those interested in Digital Marketing it can be a highly rewarding job. Read on to find out more.


Who is a PPC Manager?

A PPC manager or pay-per-click manager is a highly coveted position. They oversee the process of a pay-per-click ad campaign from its conception to its launch to the finale. They will not only create and plan the campaign but will also work on analyzing the progress of the campaign with campaign metrics such as the number of clicks, budget spend, website traffic, sales, and more. This analysis will help them adjust the campaign to reach maximum impact.

PPC Manager Responsibilities require them to be up to date with current trends and movements on the internet. Typically, the PPC manager is responsible for multiple clients at the same time.


Skills and Qualifications Required

It comes as no surprise that the PPC manager position comes with considerable requirements. It is a highly sought-after position with a high pay range so it is very competitive. This means that your ad campaigns will be competing against the best in the field.

A degree in Marketing, Digital Media, or a related field is one of the base requisites. Employers will want experience in the field. Experience and your prior ad campaigns will play a huge role in securing that job. Additionally, you must be a strong analytical thinker, possess numeracy skills, be familiar with spreadsheets and be able to comprehend large amounts of data. You will also be asked to write up reports on the campaign.

Being creative is a must. You should be familiar with social media and have experience with platforms such as AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing, etc.


How to Become a PPC Manager?

The path to becoming a PPC manager is not a straight one but it requires both higher education and work experience. You must be prepared to work through entry-level roles before hoping to make it to your dream position.

The first step is to earn your qualification. A university degree in marketing or digital marketing will help you get through the initial applicant filter. Additional certification in niche subjects such as SEO, online advertising, and content marketing can help you be better prepared for your role as a PPC manager.

Theoretical knowledge is essential but cannot give you the insight or confidence that hands-on experience can give you. Experience under an established PPC manager to learn best practices and the opportunity to use tools and software that experts use is immeasurable in its value to your journey. Taking part in internships and training programs can help you in your endeavors. During that period, you might even be allowed to take part in the process along with the ad campaign team.

Next, you should look forward to paid jobs. The jobs that you get may have lower pay ranges but these entry-level roles are perfect for getting your foot in and learning the basics. They might not even be specialized in PPC but rather cover a broad marketing purpose. However, your experience and understanding of the industry will be greater than ever.

While this is happening you must keep up with your personal growth. You must work towards maintaining and expanding upon your skill set and keep records for continuous professional development (CPD).



PPC Manager Responsibilities are varied and require the relevant qualifications and significant experience. It simultaneously demands creativity and clinical thinking implying that to succeed, you must be an individual who is an all-rounder. Although it is formidable on paper, this arduous job can be very rewarding. It will engage a lot of your faculties and have you be both artistic and analytical at the same time. You will not be letting any part of you go stagnant.

At the end of the day, the satisfaction you feel when you see your PPC ad campaign up and running generating clicks faster than you can blink is worth all the pain.


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