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The Importance Of Views On YouTube Videos

When people post videos on YouTube they always worry about how many views the video will receive. It seems to be an ongoing concern.  If you are posting videos on YouTube and have never bothered to look at the view count. It could be that you just want to share them with your family and friends.  If you are a business, however, views are vital to the success of your marketing campaigns and are focused on SEO and Social Media.

Even those who are not attempting to promote a brand still may want to get more views. So their video will be considered viral and they can get their fifteen minutes of fame.  The following are just a few more reasons why it is important to have more views on your YouTube videos.


  • Your Videos Get Seen By a Wider Audience

For businesses, getting your brand name out there and recognized is very important. It is also vital to also have more traffic on your website.  When you post videos to YouTube. You have the potential to reach a worldwide market rather than just the people in your area.  It is also possible to target a specific audience through your videos and to also promote specials and sales.

All of this adds to more exposure for your company at a time when many businesses are closing their doors. You can be assured that you will not suffer this fate if you have videos on YouTube. That is seen by many people that have the views needed for higher search rankings.


Any business that is using YouTube as a way to promote its brand, products, or website needs to understand the requirements for SEO strategies.  You have to have so many views on your videos in order for your search engine ranking for your website to get higher.  Those who have a page one ranking are doing all the necessary steps. Including posting videos on YouTube that get high view counts, which put them there.

So if you want your website to be ranked higher. Your videos have to be viewed by many people.  You also need to have subscribers to your YouTube channel and most who view your videos. And enjoy them will subscribe so getting these views is a must for anyone!


  • Your Videos Must be Popular

If you want to get more views, your video has to appear to be popular to those who are surfing YouTube looking for something to watch.  If this doesn’t make sense then consider this. Most people will watch what they think everyone else is watching.  When you get more views on your videos. They will go up the search rankings for both Google and YouTube so there is more of a chance of it being seen by even more people.

One way to get more views on your YouTube video is to purchase them from an online vendor which can help jump your video to a higher search result ranking.   If your video is popular enough, YouTube will also give it a recommendation which means that even more people have a chance to see it.

While it can take some time to get views on your YouTube videos. The benefits of the work you put in are well worth it.


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