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How SEO-Friendly Web Design Can Make a Difference

The importance of properly designing and creating your website so that it shines not only in users’ eyes but also in the eyes of the major search engines can never be emphasized enough. You see, when it comes time to market your site the search engines expect to see certain elements that are included in order to actually know that your site exists. If those elements are missing, your site could be getting penalized in the rankings. Keep reading to learn how a professional web design service ensures that your website is optimized for the search engines.

The Site Map

Think of the site map as your way of telling the search engines that your site exists, that it has this many pages and that it offers this much information. After all, the search engines are tasked with searching for the most reliable sources of information that provide the most wealth of content for their users. A site map helps your site get indexed by the search engines, which are then apprised of how much information that your website has to offer to the world.

Meta Tags

These tags are commonly overlooked but are very important. Meta tags won’t help you rank higher in the search engines, but they will allow you to grab more traffic and here’s why. Meta tags are the small snippets of text that are displayed next to any search result you find. They tell you about what the site has to offer or what you can find on a specific page. If you don’t include them, how are people to know what your website has something to offer to them when searching for related keywords? A web design service will ensure that your site contains proper meta tags to increase traffic.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is important, too. Search engines will provide results based upon keyword searches. If your site does not contain enough of the appropriate keywords in the content, the search engines will not rank it very high at all. When designing your website and building the content, a web design firm will ensure that your keyword density is optimal for the search engines to find your business.


H-tags are becoming more and more important. They are subheadings in the content of your site that tells search engines that directly related information is available in the context of your website content. With these in place, they serve to help your website rank higher when marketed for SEO.

Site Load Speed

A professional web design service will ensure that your site load speed is optimized. If your site is too slow, people won’t want to wait to visit it. This can result in drop-offs in traffic and sales.

Inter-linking Authority Content

The architecture of your web pages matter. Search engines want to see them pointing at other related pages in your site. A professional web design service will design your website so that the inter-linking of your internal pages occurs naturally. This will help you rank higher in the search engines and will increase the view time of each visitor drastically.


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