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How to Pull Your Company’s Culture Into Your Social Media Vibe

A successful Social Media Strategy page does more than inform visitors about a business’ products or services. It should also reflective company’s ideology, culture, aspects that help a more likable and personable public perception of that business. Many people visit a company’s social media to get a feel for that company, so it’s in the page’s interest to reflect a positive, engaging company culture that promotes good values, interesting information and a tight-knit connection with consumers. Below are some methods to help achieve that:

Take Advantage of the “Virtual Water Cooler”

One of the most useful aspects of social media is that anyone can gauge discussion points about a specific topic. Whether it’s via Twitter search Facebook Graph search, it’s fairly easy find internet’s views surrounding particular topic typing relevant keyword. This also applies to a business. By searching for your business’ name, you may find chatter – good and bad – about it. Use this information to help mold your Social Media Strategy, helping to amend any previous criticisms or dissatisfaction.

For example, if you find praise regarding your business’ technical support team, consider highlighting the team members personally – including things like their hobbies and hometown – on social media. Alternatively, if someone expresses dissatisfaction with a service, amend the issue, and then use it as an opportunity on social media to remind followers that the business has improved in whatever area was criticized before, using specific examples of the improvements. Businesses can even take a look at their reputation on sites like Glassdoor, which they can use to improve upon their social media strategies in addition to actual in-office management.

Let Loose and Show Humor Via Video

Mobile video apps like Vine give companies the opportunity to make concise viral videos surrounding their workplace. Using Vine as a platform for showing off company culture is ideal due to its ease-of-use and concise length. Showcasing everything from pranks to virtual office tours is possible. If you have a viral video idea longer than six seconds, simply use YouTube instead.

Businesses can implement variety ideas. One example how marketing company Webpage showcased their staff in playful, engaging posting safari-themed YouTube video on front page. Videos like those tend to work well in memorably connecting a company or brand with the consumer.

Have Your Business Appear As a Desirable Place to Work

Even if your business isn’t hiring, it provides a good impression when a company appears desirable to work at. Companies can accomplish this on social media marketing through a variety of ways, including highlighting an employee on social media for something like a birthday, marriage or anniversary. Also, providing video look-ins of company events, like a picnic or movie night, suggests that the company works in close-knit and reliable fashion, even extending their relationships beyond the office on some occasions. Hosting contests on social media is another way to express a fun, charitable company culture.

So, Why Is Infusing Company Culture in Social Media Important?

The answer is simple: showcasing company culture improves public perception, from lifeless organization hard-working fun company full relatable individuals. If the creators of a product are highlighted in their working environment, then there is less of a mystery surrounding the product, allowing the business to appear more trustworthy and desirable as a result. By using the methods above, it’s easy to started infusing a company’s vibe into their social media.

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