1. Steve Ellias  July 6, 2013

    This is a great opportunity for New website owners or for online beginners wishing to earn extra money without having any experience.

    If you are interested in having a landing page ( splash page ) with a domain name, website hosting, and the basic reseller package included. This is a limited time offer deal and only for $199.99. There is no monthly fee, and just the yearly renewal fee of $199.99 which includes the hosting renewal, domain, and reseller account.

    You must contact me to request this package through our contact form by going here –

  2. Steve Ellias  July 7, 2013

    The packages have been updated on this page – and now you may view a couple of example websites and reseller stores. I have also added the website and domain into the package. Not a bad deal for your own online business – starting at only $199.99 a year and no monthly fees.

  3. Sandra  July 9, 2013

    Hi Canada Web Services!

    I just wanted to ask say that this sounds a little too good to be true for only $199.99. Forgive me for being so blunt or skeptical, however, I think that all your offering for $200 is a great price and just a little hard to take in. Can you please verify this with me and the rest of your readers exactly what you get for $200? If it is what you say, count me in asap because I have been looking for a way to make some extra cash online and this is exactly what I have been looking for to do. A Hands free business that takes care of itself.

    Could you please advice me again on this. I see your ad on a classified site and then read it here again, so I just want to get more info as I am very interested.

    Sam E.

    • Steve Ellias  July 9, 2013

      Very Well Sandra :)

      I am associated with one of the biggest domain and hosting providers in the world and I have a package where I can sell reseller websites to others. I figured I would include a website and domain name to make it that much sweeter. So to answer your question, you get the following for $199.99:

      1. Reseller account worth $119.99
      2. Website created search engine friendly and linked to your reseller account. All links are relevant to the store products. Example – Hosting, when someone clicks this link, it goes to your reseller hosting page.
      3. Domain name and website hosting for one year.
      4. Set-up and a little training on the administration panel for your reseller store.
      PLUS – there are tons of free extras that come with yoru reseller account. Also, you get 24/7 sales and technical support for you and your customers. It totally is a hands free business opportunity.

      There is no obligation to renew and there is no monthly fee, just a yearly renewal fee of $119.99 including your domain, reseller, and hosting. Thats it!

      Not a bad deal for $199.99 eh?

      Contact me anytime, or you can proceed to the product page to purchase your package today. It takes only a few hours for me to set it up for you and you will be online in no time. Click here for the complete information on the reseller package –

      I will look forward to your email or your purchase to get things rolling for you Sandra. Best Regards, Steve :)

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