Type of Link Baiting

Type Of Link Baiting

By: Courtney Gordner – July 08, 2013

It’s never easy to come up with ideas for link baiting strategies that are creative enough to be really successful. There are some basic ideas you can start from when first shaping your campaign. Before you decide which angle you want to use here, remember to think big and get creative.

Humor- One of the most positive strategies of link baiting is making people laugh. People are more likely to share something with ...

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Social Media & SEO

Social Media Involvement And Search Engine Optimization

By: Steve Ellias – Updated June 04, 2013

Social Media is a great way to have an idea, video, website, article, and much more go viral. Its a great way to share your sites content to others so other people can share it with all their contacts and before you know it, its all over the internet. The biggest thing with sharing an article or a great story is that it has to ...

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