Combining Traditional And Online Advertising

Online advertising yields amazing results for your business but this doesn’t mean that you need to abandon traditional advertising methods altogether and in fact, this is a bad idea because not all of your potential customers use the Internet and in some instances, traditional advertising may be more effective than online advertising.

A good way to combine traditional and online advertising is to use direct mail marketing and here is how you can do it. You can visit online list brokers ...

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Organic SEO Practices For Promoting Your Small Business Online

Recent changes and updates by Google have led many to declare that search engine optimization is dead.

Well, if I may quote Mark Twain: ‘The report of my death was an exaggeration’. In actuality, legitimate forms of search engine optimization will never disappear. It is grey hat practices such as spamming and building unnatural links that are becoming more and more difficult to practice and for those of us that work hard to create quality content and build an online ...

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4 Creative Strategies To Get More Blog Traffic

Your blog is a great channel for getting new customers and increasing sales for your business. To have a successful blog you need to keep it current and post regularly. Many bloggers do this, however, they still find it hard to market the blog. Are you finding it tough to attract new subscribers to your blog? Or keep your blog readers paying attention in what you have to say? If the interest of your audience is diminishing and you are ...

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How to Optimize Your Photos for SEO

It’s already well documented that adding photos to your brand’s website can make it more appealing and increase your clicks and conversions. What you might not realize is that simply having images on your site isn’t enough. If you don’t properly optimize them for SEO, they might actually represent a blind spot for search engines.

Why Is That, Exactly?
The short version is that search engines like Google don’t “see” images the same way your visitors do. They are able to ...

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The Role Of Keywords In SEO

SEO is the way in which your website is made more visible to the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing…). So with that being said, it makes sense to say that keywords play an important role at all times. You should first understand some of the basics of SEO before you can truly understand the importance of keywords.

SEO Explained

Whenever you want to find a service or product on the Internet you go to a search engine, type in what you ...

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Voice Search & It’s Impact On SEO

When you read about future trends in the world of SEO one of the most common concepts earmarked for future domination is voice activated searches. In fact voice search is here now, Google offer the option to make voice searches on Chrome already and it also features in tools such as Siri but it is tipped to become much more main stream in the future. This will naturally have a big impact on SEO ...

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Is Search Engine Optimization That Good?

The rise of search engine optimization in recent years has been stark and so many companies now invest a lot of money in this service. Google is fundamentally the search engine we all use and thus having a high standing on relevant results pages is important.Search Engine Optimization SEO

Optimization is pretty much the only way to increase your ...

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How To Objectively Evaluate Web Directories

When it comes to link building campaigns, web directories are the first step that many people turn to. The first directories that come to mind are Yahoo’s directories and The big question however is just how a webmaster or SEO user can tell which directories are the best and which ones aren’t. This question is even more important when submitting to niche web directories.

After reading a lot of stuffs from various discussion forums that are directory-related, I have ...

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Which will dominate in 2014: SEO or PPC

Both pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization measures can cost companies a great deal in terms of their spending for online marketing. Throughout 2013, it seems that many companies began to opt for PPC advertising over site optimization due to the fact that some feel that the possibilities of SEO techniques are decreasing.

Budgeting for the New Year

With the new year almost here, companies are scrambling to establish their marketing budgets. This involves predicting what will be most likely to ...

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How Social Media Can Influence Your Ranking

Social media can help you connect with your audience in a more organic and personal way than traditional advertising. It gets your customers to interact with you and get to know you while also building trust and loyalty! Not only that, but it also has an impact on the big search engines like Google. The more social media interactions you have, the easier your website is to find. This means that it’s important to make social networking part of your ...

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