Future of Responsive Web Designs

Now a days the word “Responsive Web Designs” is showing up in the conversations much more than before, why?

This is due to the fact that responsive web design layout is the response to all your front-end development options concentrated on syncing a number of gadgets with a one website theme. This generally implies that it helps create sites which need little or no re-sizing, panning, and scrolling, when utilized throughout various well-liked gadgets. It essentially gets rid of the should ...

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Do You Follow the Long Shadow Design Trend?

Flat design, since its inception, is, and always will be, there. But what was the only choice initially soon became just another option. Web designers started using flat design as the base and adding shadows, gradients, patterns, textures and such other elements to create a skeuomorphic (real life-like) design.

And then flat design returned; you may question why. Simplicity became the focus of web design. And what better way to make things simple than by going ...

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