Best Online Web Builders

Online web builders enable developing / designing of the websites. If the person doesn’t have the knowledge of coding language than he will easily create his own website. You can create the website just by drag and drop of objects as you want. Online builders provide the mobile friendly websites, e-commerce, blog website, one page websites and many more. These also have tutorials for the newbies.  Many online builders provide the hosting domains packages as well. Some of ...

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Landing Page Lessons – Three Rules To Follow

It’s a rather scary reality to digest, but the landing pages of your website have the power to make or break your business. Several years of research have proved outright that when it comes to winning over your readers, you basically have no more than a few seconds after they first arrive at any given landing page. They won’t stick around for more than 30 seconds and won’t even bother reading until the end of the page if you don’t ...

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How Responsive Web Design Is Changing The Web

The world is getting virtual now! Name any business and you’ll find its existence on the virtual world of Internet. Businesses are making constant efforts to reach their target audiences through their websites that are view-able and operational across all type of devices.

With increased demand of smartphones and tablets, more and more people have started relying on their handheld devices for accessing Internet. If you want your website to do well among all kind of viewers, it is important to ...

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The Pros And Cons Of Using A Website Builder For Your Web Project

If you ask a room full of web designers what they think about using a website builder, you are likely to be met with a wide range of reactions. However, website builders can actually be a viable way for the average person or business owner to create a website that is both attractive and meets their needs. As you consider using website builder software to build your site, here are the pros and cons you’ll need to think about before ...

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Do You Follow the Long Shadow Design Trend?

Flat design, since its inception, is, and always will be, there. But what was the only choice initially soon became just another option. Web designers started using flat design as the base and adding shadows, gradients, patterns, textures and such other elements to create a skeuomorphic (real life-like) design.

And then flat design returned; you may question why. Simplicity became the focus of web design. And what better way to make things simple than by going down the ‘flat’ design ...

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How SEO-Friendly Web Design Can Make a Difference

The importance of properly designing and creating your website so that it shines not only in users’ eyes but also in the eyes of the major search engines can never be emphasized enough. You see, when it comes time to market your site the search engines expect to see certain elements that are included in order to actually know that your site exists. If those elements are missing, your site could be getting penalized in the rankings. Keep reading to ...

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Building Your Website

Designing Your Web Pages – Building Your Website

By: Steve Ellias – May 28, 2013

After you have purchased a domain name, the next step would be to purchase a web hosting plan or purchase a web builder which comes with web hosting.

Building the website is by far the biggest step in getting your website on the internet. There are several things you may do here such as look to hire a ...

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