5 Factors Of Efficient WordPress Theme for your blog

I’ll bet my whole life savings that the primary thing you ever did was try to set up a new WordPress themes if you are blogging on the WordPress platform. I’ll bet my future incomes that even today you are still periodically changing themes applying new styles and end up spending much time for small modifications which usually sidetracks you from the blogging.

It is simple to understand why WP themes request a lot interest. With the proper theme, you can ...

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Limitations of WordPress

Before talking of Limitations of WordPress, Why I should use WordPress and why I shouldn’t use the WordPress or Pro and Cons of using WordPress are some of interesting questions to handle. WordPress has become most popular blogging as well as designing platform which is massively used all over the world. WordPress is also largely used by web developers as content management system (CMS), provides ease and free of cost setups. Anybody with basic knowledge and little experience of web ...

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What’s up with WordPress?

There are several different ways to design a website. One of the simplest, yet most professional looking is by designing a website using WordPress.

With WordPress you can do virtually anything you want to do; you can change the background, design a layout, set up a theme using the preset themes designed by WordPress, or even make one of your own.

By using WordPress, you can design a site that’s entirely what you want it to be ...

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