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Tips For Incredibly Creative Online Banner Ads

Internet technology has changed the world into a global village. This means that almost everything can now be done online including video conferencing, chatting, making international video calls etc. One of the major earners in the internet is the use of online advertising platform in order to reach to a target audience or market anywhere in the world at any time.  Online banners are the major form advertisement used on the internet.  Designing these requires a lot of creativity in order to capture the attention of many customers. It may seem to be a rigorous process but the good news is that nowadays, one can get a free banner maker via applications that can even run on mobile phones.

Market Research

Every designer or company that wants to design an online banner ad that is catchy must ensure that he/she does proper and efficient market research. This research is usually aimed at knowing who the target audience is. The target audience usually determines how the design of the ad will be since different target audiences have different tastes. For example, the web design of an ad intended for young people may be different from the one intended for an elderly audience. Thereby, it is paramount to know the target audience before designing an online banner ad.

Study the Best Samples Online 

Knowing the standards of other ads will help the designers know along what line to design their ads and even improve existing ones. Before designing an online banner ad the designers need to search for similar banners online and select a few which they can use as reference designs while making their banners ads. The advantage of studying samples online is that a designer might stumble upon afree banner maker that will ease up his work.

Use fewer Wordings in the Banners

Banners are all about graphics/images which are aimed at catching the attention of the target audience. More words would mean less images and small fonts of the letters which means the ads would be less attractive and catchy. It is therefore a good design practice to ensure that one uses fewer words in order to maximize on the spaces which in turn will allow for the use of larger fonts and more images.

Focus on the Best Selling Point

If the banner ad is marketing a specific product or brand, it’s very important for the designer to list down the positive and the negative aspects of the product or brand. After doing this, the designer selects from the list of positives the strongest point and then ensures that it is emphasized in the ad so as to market the brand more. For example, if the banner was marketing a product like hair food, “Strong, durable long hair” would be the selling point of the product and hence should come out clearly in the banner.

Select the Color of Images Carefully

Everyone knows that a picture says a thousand words. Hence, it’s very important to carefully select the images to use in an online banner. Images that are too colorful will make a banner look shady whereas dull colored images are less attractive to the eye. The trick is to strike a balance in the choice of image color while designing a creative online banner ad.

Online banner ads have become the main method used for advertising brands and products and this has resulted to stiff competition between companies or individuals. Fortunately, availability of a free banner maker will ensure that every marketer will meet their goal of successful advertising. The above tips are therefore very important as they help in designing creative online banner ads that will lure the targeted audience into buying the brand or product.


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