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Turn Your Blog From Zero To Hero In A Short Amount Of Time If You Have The Finances Available

Do you know any bloggers who are big successes? Think about how long it’s taken them to reach. That stage and all the hard work they would have put in to get there. It’s a crazy amount of hours and when you’re just starting out it can be very daunting. It could take you years and that is something people are not prepared to do because they want success quicker. Luckily you can reach your goals a lot quicker. But you’ll need the finances to fund everything you need to do.

The good thing is that any blog can be successful as long as you’re a good writer and can honestly help people. When you get people results and they enjoy what they’re reading there is no way you can fail. Let’s get back to your finances because you need to have some saved up. If you have you can grow carefully you’ll eventually be able to start using your profits to grow even quicker by scaling up. But let’s look at the best way to tackle it.


  • Build your first product

Without your own product, it’s going to be harder for you to make bucketloads of cash. This is because you get to decide what price you’re selling it at and can test it. But also because people will think of you as more of an authority if valuable information is coming from you. When building your own product you might need money for an editor. If you have trouble writing and you will also need someone. That is going to come up with the graphics.


  • Hire a designer

This is so your website will look amazing and when you can’t build a great-looking website yourself it’s obvious extra help will be required. If someone comes to your site and they see the same one as they’ve seen countless other times it will ruin the authority you had by creating your own product. When people are about to hand over their money they don’t want to give their card details to everyone and the right designer will produce a site that makes you more trustworthy.


  • Good sales copy

When you come to sell your product you have two choices. The first one is writing the sales copy yourself and that is the way most people get started.

They make some sales, but not much, and then they eventually hire a professional copywriter to come in and increase their conversion rate by a ridiculous amount.

If you have the money from the start you can obviously make more money right away and the money you spend on the copywriter will be recouped quickly.



  • Scaling PPC campaigns

Building enough traffic organically is a job not many can see out until the end because it can take years for success. When you have the money you end up paying for traffic, normally through Google AdWords. And people start coming to your site without hardly any work at all. Once you tweak your campaign so you’re making more money than you are spending it means. You can scale it up and the number of visitors. You get is enough to achieve a full-time income from your product.



  • Testing other paid traffic

You don’t need to go down the PPC route forever. Or maybe you just want to try something different, and when you have the finances available you can try anything.

Think about the amount of reach you will have using Facebook ads considering the number of people that have an account.

You also have Twitter, banner ads, solo ads, and hundreds of other opportunities that require you to pay the money upfront.

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