Type of Link Baiting

Type Of Link Baiting

By: Courtney Gordner – July 08, 2013

It’s never easy to come up with ideas for link baiting strategies that are creative enough to be really successful. There are some basic ideas you can start from when first shaping your campaign. Before you decide which angle you want to use here, remember to think big and get creative.

Humor- One of the most positive strategies of link baiting is making people laugh. People are more likely to share something with their friends if it made them laugh. Look at social media sites and see what is popular now and use that as inspiration for your jokes.

Visual- infographics, how-to and top ten lists are great visual aids that people will want to focus on. Make the information easy to understand and about something people are interested in. Think of a common question within your niche and try to answer it.  Some unlikely businesses have found a TON of success through this.  Clarity Way, a rehab center in PA, promotes infographics pretty frequently, nearly every month, and has seen tremendous brand exposure and garnered some pretty impressive links.

Here’s one of the video’s they’ve done:


Incentive- Giveaways and contests are great for incentives when it comes to link baiting. Everyone is always looking for a chance to win or receive something. Depending on your company and what you are trying to promote, there are lot of angles to take with this! What could someone benefit from? What do people want? What would make them want to share? Think about those questions and create a campaign that will get people talking.


News- Ever thinks about offering an RSS news feed to your audience? There is so much information on the internet, make yourself a go to source for current events within your industry. Make sure to keep up with this and always have up-to-date posts.

Tools- If you create something useful that people would enjoy they are more likely to share it with others. Think of your niche, and how you can make something easier for people in it. Then create the tool and share it on your social media sites so people are aware of all it has to offer.

Now that you have your angle and have figured out which type will work best for you, make it creative and your own!   But understanding the art of link baiting does not have to end here.  Understanding the types of people who help promote your work can make your link bait strategies a greater success.  Shane Jones wrote a great post on this over at the WebpageFX blog. Good luck with your link baiting success, hopefully, I’ll unknowingly come across your work!


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  1. Steve Ellias  July 9, 2013

    Great Article Courtney!

    I have pit a little something together about Link Baiting as I think this is a great topic you talk about. I thought I would just add it to your valuable information.

    Link Baiting – The best ways to Make Blog site Posts Go Viral

    Link baiting is generally the procedure of developing material with the certain purpose of it getting associated with. It’s frequently content that’s surprising, unexpected, funny or counter intuitive. Viral aspects are likewise often developed into the material.

    Below are two examples of effective link baiting strategies, together with why it works and how you can duplicate its success. A few of the most effective blog sites and sites on the internet got their positions using this incredibly effective technique.

    “Shocker” Quizzes

    Generally you’d develop a quiz that interest your specific audience. Once people responded to the test, they’d have the chance to share it with their friends on Facebook, Twitter or their own site. Naturally, the code to embed the quiz by themselves site included a back links to his own website with appropriate anchor text.

    Utilizing this strategy, you may get thousands of one-way back links to your Blog or Website.

    The crucial points below are:.

    1) Produce material that catches attention.
    2) Produce enjoyable experiences for people that they ‘d wish to share with their buddies.
    3) Develop some sort of user friendly system for people to link back to your website.


    Infographics have actually historically been extraordinary sources of back links also.

    The vital elements coincide as the above: unique, attention-catching content that’s both enjoyable and simple to associated with.

    A terrific infographic needs to consist of shocking info about a specific subject. Include statistics and truths that people would find surprising, presented in a comical, satirical or humorous means.

    Include at the bottom a thumbnail version of the infographic with easy-to-copy HTML code to put the thumbnail – linking to the infographic – on someone else’s site. Likewise of course consist of Facebook like and Twitter retweet codes.

    Infographics have an added benefit of being fantastic Reddit / Digg bait. People on Digg and Reddit love images, due to the fact that it takes less time to eat than a video or text. Publishing images commonly gets you a lot of sees, which in turn means a great deal of upvotes / diggs if your material is great.

    Applying Link Baiting to Blogs.

    There are two methods you can utilize link baiting with blogs.

    Initially, you can produce common link baiting material designed to target the more basic net audience to get generic backlinks.

    Alternatively, you can create link baiting product that’s specifically designed to draw in people from your very own target market. This method is usually better as the back-links are more contextually pertinent; the only caution is that you should make sure you can in fact get enough traction in your very own niche to make it worth it.

    Simply put, create chunk-sized content that catches attention and entertains. See to it a “pass along” mechanism is included with the link lure, then post it on Digg and Reddit and upload it to your lists. If your link bait is successful, you’ll begin to see a good flow of back-links can be found in.

  2. Courtney Gordner  July 9, 2013

    Thanks, Steve! You made a lot of really good points, thanks for sharing. I really love the idea of quizzes, a great way to interact with people!

    The blog information is also very helpful. Thanks again!


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