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Canadian online attitudes have modified. Social network is not only for fun, SNS helps with other community services, events, & E-Commerce. Social Media is turning into a very solid fund raising operating system and Canadian Non-Profits have missed to take benefit from it yet. SNS also delivers a great interaction tool when it comes to emergency situations.

• 59 % of people believe Social Media is superb tool to reach loved ones in emergencies.
• 32 % Canadians expect that 911 services should be provided through Social Media channels too.
• 69 % Canadians actively engage to SNS by watching videos, or sharing them online or uploading them.

Canadian social media:

Social media activity grew by 3 % in Canada by 2013. Worldwide Canada has the highest SNS penetration. 82 % of Canadians use SNS by comparison to 75 % of Americans. Canada ranks 12th in the number of hours spend actually using SNS daily. Canadian individuals use approximately 2 hours 19 minutes on SNS each day.

  • 9 % of Canada’s cell phone users utilize location-based services.
  • 46 % of smart phone users have a social media app.

Classification of Canadian SNS users:

Canadian SNS users has classified with respect to Demographic and Geographic;

Demographic classification:


  • 70% of female users are on Facebook every week
  • 56% of male who checked their Facebook in past week


  • 62% of Canadians over the age of 13 are on various SNS.
  • 79% of Canadians between the ages of 16-26 are on Social Media networks.

Geographic classification:

Social media sites involvement in Canada varies from province to province. SNS involvement beats every other Canadian city. Three most well interconnected cities are Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto.

  • Ontario is very most connected province with over 67 % of the citizens is on SNS.
  • Quebec is the very least connected province with only 49 % of citizens’ lies on SNS.

Social media sites:

Almost half of the Canadian social media users are only use one social network regularly and while one in three uses two but Just 15 % logged onto three different social networks every month.

  • 93 % of the social media users polled said they were on Facebook.
  • 31 % for LinkedIn
  • 27 % for Twitter
  • 18 % for Pinterest

Facebook: 85 % Canadians have a Facebook account. Beyond 19 million Canadians are now logging onto Facebook a minimum of once each month, that’s more than half the population but while 14 million check their news feed every day.

  • 13 million are connect to the SNS around once a month on a smart phone
  • 4 million Use a phone or tablet to interact with the social network daily.

Twitter: 46 % Canadians have a Twitter account and 22 % have used Twitter previously month. Current year, the numbers of monthly active Twitter users are slated to leap by 28.8 %. Endmost of 2014, Canada will be at 20.8 % penetration in the marketplace, or 5.6 million monthly active users across the country, making us second only to the U.K., which has 27.3 % penetration.

LinkedIn: 30% Canadians have a LinkedIn account and 11% have used LinkedIn in the past month.

Other SNS sites:

Canadians delight in good content and they value it by sharing it with their loved ones. This is the factor that content rich social networks like Pinterest and other blogging platforms are obtaining popularity in Canada. Over 45 % read blogs and over 21 % hear to online podcast.

Google+: 45% have a Google+ account and 13% have used Google+ in the past month.

Pinterest: 26% have a Pinterest account and 10% have used Pinterest in the past month.

SNS Business:

Over 47 % Canadian Entrepreneur recognize that Social network will assist their business, but only 39 % have some form of online existence and just 24 % of Canadian Firms engage their consumers daily on Social media marketing. Take Action; Make a solid Social Media plan and either spend human resources to execute it or hire an outside agency to do it for you. Canadians spend most time on the Social networking sites: Over 44 hours at each month, which is beyond other European or North American country. Canada got most advanced broadband network with over 96 % of Canada can access internet from their home.