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Ways To Tackle Problematic Server Down Issues And Survive A Slow Internet

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People have made a gigantic progress in science and technology. The major development is seen in the field of information technology. Information technology is basically an application of the computers and the telecommunication equipment having in mind to store, retrieve, manipulate and transmit data done basically in context with business and other enterprise. This field has thus explored itself a lot. All the computers and allied technologies are the result of the advancement in this particular field. Server is one among them. It is a system having software and a computer hardware that responds according to and in response to the request across the computer network providing assistance or help. It is a really great achievement but everything has a dark side of it. Server sometimes goes down due to network traffic or other problems that hinders the working. So, one should be aware of smart ways to deal with these issues.

Survive a slow Internet

Everyone must have faced the problem of server down and especially when one needs the Internet the most. When the server is down then it is a way to say that one should go outside and play. In other words it’s just a cruel joke to destroy ones productivity. So here are some ways that help youto troubleshoot and fix it.

  • Check the speed: Sometimes one is unaware of the speed connection is having. Here it is required that one should check the connection speed with the Internet websites available. These websites will tell that whether according to the plan taken, the speed is correct or not. And if not contact the customer care.
  • Troubleshoot:One should check their modem and router and even give a quick reset to them. Also check the other computers in the house to see if the Internet is slow there too. If not then the issue is with the computer and not server.
  • Fix Wi-Fi signal:Sometimes the Internet and router are fine but the wireless signal is weak. For that one should reposition, boost or tweak the router.
  • Turn off apps and plugins:Although the server is fine, the problem comes from the programs already running in the background, whichcauses a bandwidth hogging. So turn them all off or download some extensions which would stop those ads, videos and animations that slow up the connection.
  • Optimize web for slow connection:Troubleshooting can take time and one need to browse at the same time then optimize web and use mobile or HTML versions and a lot more.
  • Work smart:When you are having issues with the server then prioritize tasks. Separate them as bandwidth heavy and bandwidth light tasks. Do the light ones during slow connection and heavy ones at fast access.

At the end

Server issue is not really big and can be tackled easily. It actually results from daily activities carried out on your computer that hinders the proper working of the server. So, next time when you face server down issues, try theabove mentioned techniques.


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