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Price Analysis of Web Design Companies in Canada

Whenever you start with getting a web site made, one of the first questions is, “what is cost of web designing”. Cost of Web Design cannot be measured on a single scale mainly due to varying nature of work in the development process based on user requirement. Every company offers different pricing strategies. Many companies just offer customized solutions and do not have fixed price packages. On the other hand, rest of the companies offer the prices in packaged format and adjust things as they go along.

Cost Analysis:

Analyzing the random sample of the companies, the prices being asked by web design companies in Canada is as under:-

  • About 43% web design companies in Canada have price between $301-$500.
  • Average range of the web web design and developing companies are approx. $300 – $750/.
  • Price range of the basic website development (5-10 page) is  $300 to $750

The Price Analysis of Web Design Companies in Canada is shown in the figure below:-


Prices for Basic Web Design: As most web design companies in Canada are not indicating their prices on their website, this survey is based on data of fourteen companies for a basic website development (5-10 pages approx). These companies and their cost are given below:


Web Design packages comparison
Company Name Price Company Name Price
Creative Technologies $200 Screen Level $1,599
Keshava tech $1,200 Website Designers $399
Dmack Media. $500   Web Design Pro $500
Maple Info Tech $490 Free Web Site Design $144
Dave Dins $480 Richard Banker $708
Canada web developer $350 Web Deal $229
Omni Vision Design $1,500 Geton $2,000


The above companies have generally focused on the Pages number for fixing their price. Brown color is  for companies offering one year free domain name hosting services along with website development.

The above mentioned companies and related prices in no way are linked with The prices are mentioned in good faith for information. The prices are subject to change at discretion of respective company.

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