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Why Slow Loading Time Can Hurt Business

Website optimization is one area of web development and SEO that is continuously being overlooked by developers despite its importance in search engine page rankings. In fact, recent studies have proven that search engine optimization can save a website owner lots of money and has the potential of significantly increasing a website’s readership and traffic.  Basically, search engine optimization refers to the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s results.

Currently, Google is taking site loading speed into consideration in determining rankings in search results. Some might say that this does not have much impact, however, as stated earlier, search engine optimization (NYC) is still something that webmasters should really look into.

There are a few important reasons as to why you should also consider optimizing your site. The most basic of all is that the majority visitors to your site are usually in a rush and no one is fond of waiting for centuries before a site load or fails to load. In other words, if you have slow website, chances are that you are losing traffic. In fact, a lot can go wrong if you fail to address the slow-loading characteristic of your site.

Impact of Slow Loading Time

It is obvious that with a slow loading site, you will lose traffic to the site. This will ultimately affect the reputation of the site and as a result, revenues will start to decline. In the marketing aspect, slow loading times could spell disaster to an online marketing campaign. For instance, PPC campaigns, slow loading time will lead to low traffic which is key driver of the whole campaign.

What Can Cause Your Site to Load Slowly?

There are few factors that can cause your Web Development and SEO to load slowly. In most cases, they include a bad server or inclusion of very huge files in your website. This includes like large image sizes which found to play huge part in difference between fast and slow loading website.

In order to improve on the loading time of your site, you will need to be familiar with what goes into search engine optimization services in NYC. You need to first identify what builds up your site before jumping into codes trying to speed things up. In cases, search engine optimization (NYC) involves a number of tools and techniques in speeding up any site’s loading time. Some of these techniques include the use of a compressed code before uploading. Some of the best tools that are currently in use today for code compression include Yahoo’s YUI Compressor.

In conclusion, it has been established that the load time of website has a direct impact on the ranking of your site in search results and ultimately the conversions of revenue of your website.


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