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Website Design Options – What Are You Going To Do?

By: Steve Ellias – June 03, 2013

When you’re developing a website there are a number of decisions to make. In addition to your budget and the creation procedure, there are attributes and features to weight. There are numerous fantastic technologies and choices that the process can feel frustrating!

# 1 Exactly what’s the function of your website?

This is possibly your single crucial factor to consider. When you know your site’s purpose there are some design choices that just make sense. For instance, if you’re visiting be an affiliate online marketer and your internet site’s function is stringently to offer info, then you’ll likely desire a CMS or a theme-based website. Know your site’s function initially! Then you can weight your choices.

On the other hand, if you’re constructing an e-commerce site you will desire a shopping cart option and an item catalog full of item images and descriptions.

# 2 Exactly what’s your spending plan?

Believe it or not, you can make a professional-looking site on pretty much any budget plan. You do not need to invest few thousands dollars to hire a pro. That being stated, you might want to employ an expert so the task is done right the first time. An expert can assist you incorporate all the design aspects and technologies right from the start.

If you have a reduced start-up budget plan, consider having an existing template or design customized by a pro. For example, you can hire a WordPress designer to customize a design template to fit your needs and website purpose.

# 3 Who is your audience?

Your audience plays a crucial job in the design of your website. Not only do you wish to make certain your website is easy to navigate, you likewise wish to see to it it attract your audience. If they’re cutting edge, then you’ll want a modern-day look and feel. If your audience is older, then you could desire an elder design.

Does your website specific niche fit better with video content or print material? How are you visiting connect with your prospects, site visitors and customers? Your site’s design has to support your audience and their requirements and needs.

# 4 Effectiveness and reasoning

While the appearance of a website is essential, so too is the user’s experience. Ideally a website will feel instinctive. Everything will be simple to find and obvious. Your visitors won’t have to dig for information and if they are digging it’s since you desire them to. This implies:.

\* Rational content classifications.
\* Relevant and easy-to-access pages (for instance your about, affiliate, press and Frequently Asked Question pages).
\* Enhanced processes (for example shopping cart, opt-in and download procedures).

Prior to you design your site or have someone design it for you, prepare it on paper. Know exactly what your website’s purpose is and create a strategy to make it take place. Research various other sites in your industry. Research keywords so you know how your prospects search.

Also take a look at the numerous innovations that can support your site and its purpose. Some website design services offer seamless integration. Keep your visitors’ experience at the heart of every choice and you will not go wrong.

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  1. James Matthews  August 22, 2014

    Good article Smith, Above mentioned Web design options are very important for everyone. I just want to say that before starting work on web design we must have in mind about “W” family questions i:e what, Why, WHO and HOW as well.

    • muneer  August 23, 2014

      Mathews, what would be replies to each of these:-
      1. What.
      2. Why.
      3. WHO,
      4. How

      • James Matthews  August 23, 2014

        1) What
        Before starting web development We should have in mind What is to be done, what we have to do? For this look deep into the requirements, analyze all the requirements And make a initial design on notepad.
        2) why
        why we are developing? what is the purpose of website.
        3) Who
        what are the target audience of your website
        4) How
        Now development phase, selection of web builder tools, decisions about layout content placement etc.

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