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How Long Until My Website Gets Traffic

In today’s internet-driven world, most business owners set up a website to draw in more customers. However, just having a website isn’t enough. You have to know how to drive traffic to your website and clinch sales.

Here are some techniques to do just that.

  • Write, And Write More

Write, And Write More

Posting articles on your website is one of the best ways of getting website traffic. The minimum for an article should be about 300 words, but 500 to 1,000 is recommended.

This gives you enough opportunity to get the reader’s attention, make a few points, and insert a call to action.

This also tells Google that you have an active website, and will in turn help your website hold its place in search.

Writing for different related websites can help too, as long as you have a link pointing back to your site. As people click to read your article, they usually will follow through to your website.

This moves you up in the rankings with the search engines also.



  • Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking


Every blog entry you write should be bookmarked on your social sites.

Every page of your website should also be bookmarked.

This might get seem to be very time-consuming, but you’ll reap the benefits as more and more people become aware of your content and website.

Social networking is one of the best ways to get free advertising, and by bookmarking your content, you get the word out about your business.



  • Write Reviews

Amazon, Revoo, and Epinions are great places to get started writing reviews. By reviewing products and publications in your field, you increase your exposure and reputation as an expert. Each time you write a review, make sure to include your URL. This is also a good tactic when you watch a YouTube video or read comments in forums. Be honest, and positive when possible. Your name will get “out there”, and it doesn’t cost you a dime.


  • Give Stuff Away

Select something from your business that you can give away, and list it on free sites. To get the free offer, the potential customer has to follow the link to your website and sign up for your free newsletter, or regular emails. When they respond to your call to action, you build your contact list, and they get their free product or service.


  • Create a Signature Line

Website Gets Traffic


Your email should have a signature line that contains your URL. Every email you send out will give people the opportunity to follow a link to your website.

And, follow it, they will. You will find a significant increase in traffic to your site once you include a link in your signature line.



Your website is a perfect place for a blog. You can share your expertise and attract attention from established and prospective customers simply by talking about what you do. You can also link to it from other people’s blogs, and build up brand recognition.

It seems like a great deal of writing goes into your website traffic, but it will certainly make a difference.


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