Website Development


Basic Package

$88 / mo


Standard Package

$132 / mo


Premium Package

$220 / mo


Platinum Package

$330 / mo

Website Maintenance Services

If you want to make your online business successful, hire an expert team for Website Maintenance Services. Our team will assist you in website Backup, CMS updates, Security Protection, Traffic Monitoring, Daily Content Updates, and 24 hours Live Support Team.

If you have to grow your business, pay attention to boosting sales and working with actual clients. Canada Web Services maintenance packages make it easy to get the assistance you require without the difficulty of managing and hiring a team member with the required skill set. The member of our team can assist ensure that your website is usually updated, backed up, has new content, and even has strong security!

Whether you have a new company website or managing a successful eCommerce site online, web maintenance is crucial for both presences that keep your site up-to-date and secure. If you only require to maintain it, we can do this for you at an affordable cost.

Support & Maintenance

Your website is just like a car, if it is not maintained or serviced routinely, it will not work properly. Nowadays, every single person is taking their business online there is tough competition in the market.

Everyone require to maintain their website. Most website maintenance can be self-service, but if you hire our experts for maintenance, we will help you in boosting your sales and grow your business.

Here are some tasks that we do for you when you hire our website maintenance and support experts:


Maintain Your Website With Design

Everything you require to make your website looking great, and working properly, here are the services that we offer to maintain your website with design:

Whatever the service you require, we are here to help you. Canada Web Services maintain your existing website, rebuild your website, or build content management system and can do anything that you want. For more details, get in touch with us via email