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4 Creative Strategies To Get More Blog Traffic

Your blog posts are a great channel for getting new customers and increasing sales for your business. To have a successful blog you need to keep it current and post regularly. Many bloggers do this, however, they still find it hard to market the blog. Are you finding it tough to attract new subscribers to your blog? Or keep your blog readers paying attention to what you have to say? If the interest of your audience is diminishing and you are not getting new subscribers. It may be time to try the following strategies to get more blog traffic.


1) Create a podcast and post it on your blog

A podcast refers to a type of multimedia digital file accessible from the Internet and can be downloaded to a digital media player. You can use a podcast to launch your product, announce a new service, or inform your audience about any development. No matter what your goal is, the podcast is a great and popular method you can use to connect with your audience.

Make sure to include a bonus along with the release of a podcast, such as a transcript or a video file. These can help optimize your blog for search engines.


2) Create an affiliate program

An affiliate program is a great strategy that many businesses use to get more traffic to their website and increase sales. You can create an affiliate program for not only your business but also for your blog.

An affiliate program can work in two ways for your business and blog. First, you can pay the marketers who join your affiliate program a commission for every lead they send to your blog. Second, you can pay them a commission if any of the new subscribers convert and buy your product.


3) Use Pinterest

Pinterest is among the most popular social media sites and is used by millions of people. While you can just repine some relevant images already available on Pinterest. The best way to increase your traffic is by creating visual content yourself.

You can create a video, an infographic, or even an image or add text on an artistic background. Or, you can also use Pinterest to promote something important such as a teaser or a tutorial. Research states that tutorials have more than 40% click-through rates compared with ordinary pins. Be sure to link the image to your website, or a page of it.


4) Blog around trending topics

Include trending topics in your blog posts. To successfully accomplish this you need to take note of the most popular keywords your target audience is using. Then, use them when creating content for your blog. Your blog posts can focus on your target audience’s trends, what they are worried about, or any new popular topic the world is paying attention to.

When taking a trending topic for discussion in your blog post, make sure that your audience is already talking about it and that many of them have expressed various beliefs. This usually makes for a good post that your subscribers will discuss.

It is extremely important to keep your blog relevant and useful so that your customers as well as prospects keep coming and stay loyal. Follow the above simple but creative ways to boost your blog traffic.

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