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How To Use YouTube From Your Smart Phone

There are very few people who still use traditional talk and text phones and if they do. They have a tablet to take care of their other mobile network needs.  For those who love using YouTube. There has been a YouTube mobile app for smartphones of all types and tablets for many years now.  While many people and businesses know how to use the web-based version of YouTube. There may be some who are not familiar with the mobile-based app.  It is not the same as being on the site so it is important to understand all the ins and outs of using it.

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The following are some easy tips for using the YouTube mobile app and what it can do for you.

  • Using YouTube with a Smart-Phone Browser

There are browsers for smart-phone and you can even find some internet-based browsers for your mobile devices too.  Using the YouTube site via the browser is not really a great option as they cannot handle the full quality of the videos.  This is why you should use the app instead.  The majority of mobile devices already come preloaded with the app but if it doesn’t.

It is very easy to find and install onto your device.  From here, you can upload your videos directly to the YouTube site. You will find most of the same options that you’d be offered from the web-based site.  Not all of the features are available but you can certainly access them from a computer and edit anything you need to.


  • Get a Video Editor

Did you have an idea how to optimize your video content for YouTube? The mobile industry is full of free apps for video editing.  These typically have limited features but if you want a great video editing app then you need to purchase one for a small fee.  Before you upload your videos to YouTube through the mobile app. You can edit the videos and make them presentable.

This is very important for those who are using YouTube as a marketing tool for their company.  The main priority for these efforts is getting views on your videos and though you can buy them. You really want to upload quality videos.  If your videos lack quality, they will lack views.  This is a well-known fact so make sure you get an editor. That will give your videos uploaded through the mobile app edge.


  • Why Record From the YouTube App

If you are not worried about your company’s videos and you’re just using YouTube for fun and to share with friends and family. Then you can record your videos directly from the YouTube app.  All you have to do is access your camera’s video camera application from within the YouTube app.  When you log into YouTube, click on the video camera icon.

There are some features that you can choose from before you start recording to enhance the video. Such as color effects or the resolution of the video.  The effects that come standard with your video recorder application cannot be used at this time.

The YouTube mobile application is a great way to get your videos from your phone or tablet onto the site without having to connect to a computer. YouTube SEO is the best way to promote your channel and grow your audience.


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